Two women discuss whether relapse is part of recovery

Is Relapse Part of Recovery?

It’s often said that relapse is part of recovery, that, far from being a catastrophe, it’s a necessary step in overcoming addiction. Others say this message is unnecessarily pessimistic and creates an expectation of failure. Which way of thinking about relapse is most helpful for people trying to recover from a substance use disorder? First,…

A woman steps on a scale and wonders how are depression and obesity related

How Are Depression and Obesity Related?

Depression and obesity often occur together and they are a terrible combination. Both are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and shorter life expectancy. There appears to be a chicken-and-egg relationship between the two conditions and each can make the other worse. Here’s how obesity is related to depression. How obesity leads to depression.…

A woman covers her face with her hands as she remembers how OCD can lead to addiction

How OCD Can Lead to Addiction

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, is a condition in which people suffer from unwanted, intrusive thoughts. Often, these thoughts have to do with fear of contamination, fear of hurting themselves or others, thoughts of sexual acts, or preoccupation with certain numbers. To assuage these fears, people with OCD develop compulsive behaviors such as hand washing, affinity…