two friends ride in a boat as they talk about bouncing back after a relapse

Bouncing Back After a Relapse

Sometimes we view our relapses as evidence of our failure. We believe that because we weren’t successful with our recovery this time, we won’t ever be. Sometimes we use a relapse as an excuse to start actively using again. Bouncing back after a relapse means taking inventory of where you got off track, identifying what…

a woman meditates and wonders how can i find inner peace

How Can I Find Inner Peace?

Living with addiction means we’re often struggling with inner turmoil, tumultuous interpersonal relationships, challenging circumstances, stress, anxiety and depression. At the root of our pain is a lack of inner peace. We don’t feel grounded, centered, stable or secure. We don’t feel at peace with ourselves, our lives, our relationships. Attaining inner peace doesn’t mean…