A doctor talks to his patient about the differences between an opiate vs an opioid

Opiate vs Opioid

People often use the terms opiate vs opioid interchangeably. However, there are some differences between the two classifications of drugs. Regardless of the difference, both drugs can be highly addictive after repeated use. People who take prescription medications may develop a dependency on opiates or opioids due to their potency. Opiate vs opioid withdrawal symptoms…

A woman paints, and wonders, "What is Recreation Therapy?"

What is Recreation Therapy?

When you first start addiction treatment, you may hear a great deal about different treatment options, including recreation therapy. People will tell you about the advantages and benefits of this treatment, but you still have one question: what is recreation therapy? Recreation therapy is a type of experiential therapy for drug and alcohol addiction recovery.…

A woman stares out into the distance, wondering "Is marijuana a gateway drug?"

Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Is marijuana a gateway drug? This question is one people have been asking for decades. While there is some truth to this assertion, the issue is much larger than just smoking marijuana. Furthermore, it can apply to almost any substance, including alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription medication. Using any substance that alters brain function can potentially…

A woman holds her head as she struggles with depression and the holidays.

Depression and the Holidays

For many people, the holidays represent a time of joy, happiness, and peace on Earth with goodwill towards men. Unfortunately, if you’re divorced, estranged from your family or friends, or just plain lonely, the holidays can be a painful time. It is easy to fall into a downward spiral of depression and return to past…

A group of people smile, showing the really face of addiction

The Real Face of Addiction

Drug addiction is no longer confined to certain stereotypes. Research related to America’s twenty-first century opioid epidemic suggests that those suffering could be your neighbor, cousin, or best friend. In fact, addiction to opioids, a leading substance linked to death by drug overdose, is considered an equal opportunity health problem that can afflict people from…