A woman gives her friend a hug after they talk about how to apologize

How to Apologize

People recovering from substance use disorders often feel like they have much to apologize for. Addiction can distort your priorities and make you do things you would otherwise never do. They may do things that leave their loved ones feeling hurt, betrayed, and angry. Apologizing and making amends are well-known parts of the 12 steps…

A woman sits in a chair with a cup of tea and wonders if bipolar disorder is different in men and women

Is Bipolar Disorder Different in Men and Women?

Bipolar disorder is characterized by both episodes of depression and episodes of mania, or less intense manic episodes called hypomania. During a depressive episode, someone typically exhibits all the classic symptoms of depression, including sadness, hopelessness, lethargy, sleep disturbances, aches, poor concentration and memory, and thoughts of suicide or death. The manic episodes, on the…