A young woman goes for a job and wonders what is "drunkorexia"

What is “Drunkorexia”?

“Drunkorexia” is a colloquial term combining an eating disorder and binge drinking. It is the practice of offsetting calories from binge drinking by skipping meals or purging so that the binge drinking doesn’t lead to weight gain. While the practice is particularly common among college aged women, men do it as well. A study by…

A young man slings his bag over his shoulder and wonders the difference between a good mood and a manic mood

What’s the Difference Between a Good Mood and a Manic Episode?

Bipolar disorder affects nearly six million Americans every year. Bipolar is characterized by both episodes of major depression and episodes of mania or hypomania. Symptoms of depressive episodes are identical to those of unipolar depression and include sadness, lethargy, disturbed sleep, slow movements, feelings of hopelessness, poor concentration, physical aches, losing interest in things you…