a man writes a prescription for one of the medications that can help you to quit drinking

3 Medications Can Help You Quit Drinking

It’s not easy to quit drinking. Alcohol is difficult to avoid, and you will often end up around people who drink. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. In addition to proven methods like therapy and social support, there are now three medications that can help make staying sober a little easier. Antabuse Antabuse,… Continue Reading 3 Medications Can Help You Quit Drinking

two men talk about how building recovery capital can help you stay sober

How Building Recovery Capital Can Help You Stay Sober

Recovery capital is whatever you have working in your favor to help you stay sober. An easy way to think of is that anything that makes you happier, healthier, and more connected to others is recovery capital. The more recovery capital you have, the easier it will be to stay sober. Recovery capital can be… Continue Reading How Building Recovery Capital Can Help You Stay Sober

a man listens to music and wonders are your assumptions about sobriety holding you back

5 Problems Men Face in Addiction and Treatment

Everyone has different needs in addiction treatment. A quality addiction treatment program will help you create an individualized program that takes into account your specific background and issues. Different groups of people tend to share certain needs and risks. Here are some of the problems men are more likely to face in addiction and treatment.… Continue Reading 5 Problems Men Face in Addiction and Treatment

a woman hides behind a sunflower and thinks about how ocd may not be what you think it is

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

With the days getting shorter and colder, many people will experience seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. SAD is a form of depression caused by the change of seasons. People who have struggled with depression or bipolar disorder are particularly vulnerable. Symptoms of SAD include feeling depressed most of the time, having little energy or motivation,… Continue Reading What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

a woman drinks coffee and wonders what is paws

What is PAWS?

Post-acute-withdrawal syndrome, or PAWS, is when you experience lingering mental health issues after acute withdrawal at the start of recovery. Most people experience PAWS as depression, lack of motivation, inability to feel pleasure, emotional numbness, insomnia, impaired concentration and memory, irritability, and anxiety. Some people develop panic disorders or obsessive-compulsive disorder. There is little scientific… Continue Reading What is PAWS?

two women talk about how do you identify your addiction treatment

How to Help a Friend with Depression

Depression is the most common mental health issue in the world. It affects more than 16 million American adults every year. Symptoms include sadness, sleeping too much or too little, slow movements, poor concentration, hopelessness, and frequent thoughts of death or suicide. Since depression affects so many people, you probably know someone with depression, but… Continue Reading How to Help a Friend with Depression

a doctor explains why people become addicted to alcohol

Why Do People Become Addicted to Alcohol?

Alcohol is the most commonly misused substance in the US. More than seven percent of Americans are estimated to have an alcohol use issue. Symptoms of alcohol addiction include trying to quit drinking and not being able to, lying about how much you drink, prioritizing drinking over more important things such as family, work, or… Continue Reading Why Do People Become Addicted to Alcohol?