Medical Team & Clinical Team

Hans Watson, DO

Chief Medical Officer

In addition to being a proven leader in military combat, graduating from medical school, completing a four-year general psychiatry residency and passing the psychiatry and neurology specialty board exam, Dr. Watson dedicated thousands of additional hours of study and training to become one of the few psychiatrists that has the extra skills/knowledge necessary to be a recognized expert in neurology, psychotherapy, forensic psychiatry, PTSD and more.  Additionally, he is a flight surgeon. 

This extra training and experience led to Dr. Watson helping so many people that he was requested as an author of a textbook chapter on psychotherapy, produced medical journal articles/studies, is a professor, is an expert evaluator for legal proceedings and he is a highly sought out keynote speaker.  

The best part of Dr. Watson’s talent is that he uses this expertise and his natural teaching ability to help make complex and difficult situations or topics understandable. He believes that psychiatric care is most successful when the doctor applies their knowledge to help the patient understand “the why” and together they become equal partners in treatment decisions.



dr pham staff member at recovery ways

Duy Pham, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Pham, one of few Board Certified Addictionologist in the state of Utah, graduated with an MD eight years ago from the University of Utah School of Medicine. Early in his career, he met his wife, a plastic surgeon, while working in Viet Nam repairing traumatic deformities as a plastic surgeon. He went on to complete his adult psychiatry residency at Carnitas Carney Hospital, Dorchester, MA and finished his fellowship training in the subspecialty of addiction psychiatry at Boston University, Boston, MA. He is certified by the ABMS® Member Board: The American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology specializing in Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry. To better serve the complex patients he works with, he has gone on to get advanced training in ECT (electroconvulsive therapy), TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) and VNS (vagal nerve stimulation) – all for the adjunctive treatment of certain types of treatment-resistant depression.

Dr. Pham enjoys teaching and training psychiatric residents at the University of Utah and believes in helping them to see the importance of offering addicted patients choices and options for their recovery.

Maureen Makar-Olson, LCSW

Clinical Director

Bio coming soon…



carolynn clement staff member at recovery ways

Carolynn Clement

Medical Services Manager

Carolynn has been working for Recovery Ways for over four years. Having experienced addictions and mental health challenges with many family members and friends, she was led to work at Recovery Ways. Her undergraduate degree is in psychology from Westminster College. She enjoys working with the medical providers at Recovery Ways to provide the best care for all patients that are served. She was raised a Wyoming country girl and always will be at heart; spare time is often spent in the mountains. She enjoys photography, cooking and laughing as much as possible. She is also loves to spoil her nieces and nephews to keep the favorite Aunt title.

dr matt andersen staff member at recovery ways

Dr. Matt Anderson, MD

Managing Director

Dr. Matthew Andersen received Medical School and Residency training at the University of Utah in Family Medicine with board certification in addiction treatment. He has extensive experience treating patients suffering from the disease of addiction. He has been working in addiction medicine for 10 years. Dr. Andersen is part of the team who will help deal with medical issues while patients are at Recovery Ways.




darin principe staff member at recovery ways

Darin Principe,

Psychiatric NP, APRN, FNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Darin is a board-certified as both a psychiatric and family nurse practitioner with an additional certification in addiction treatment. He specializes in comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis, and medication management incorporating supportive psychotherapy in conjunction with prescribing medication.

He has completed his Master of Science in Nursing at the University of Central Florida and additional residencies at YVFWC in Yakima, WA in primary care, the Dept. of Psychiatry at Texas Tech UHSC, Lubbock, TX, and a one-year fellowship at the Veterans Hospital in Salt Lake City specializing in the mental health care of veterans including PTSD and substance use.



kyle kone staff member at recovery ways

Kyle Kone, LMFT

Clinical Lead

Kyle is passionate about working with people who struggle with Addiction and Mental Health issues, in particular through the lens of understanding and treating the various complex dynamics that can help both individuals and their families find new, intentional and meaningful qualities of life. Kyle has worked with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, and views people as capable to gain awareness of previous and current patterns of dysfunction to promote both their short-term and long-term healthier lifestyle. Kyle engages people in educational and experiential interactions to foster rapport, feeling supported against the nature of the diseases of addiction and mental health, and developing skills to work through adverse issues instead of against them. Kyle’s formal education has derived from the fields of psychology and marriage and family therapy, and he applies concepts and skills from these fields in the work of addiction and mental health, in particular the concern for developing healthy relationships for the self and all-encompassing relationships.

Kyle has been trained in and offers treatment support for those that struggle with: Addiction, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, and Intergenerational Family Dynamics. As Clinical Lead, he oversees various clinical and administrative programs, including the Family Program and its ongoing support services for clients and their family members.

jeremy schultz staff member at recovery ways

Jeremy Schultz, LCSW

Director of IOP

Jeremy has been involved in the treatment of substance use disorder for quite some time now. He feels there is no time to waste so he has developed the skill of moving quickly past the presenting symptoms and arriving at the real underlying contributing factors of substance use disorder. His skill and passion also lay in helping people themselves clearly understand the origin of these factors, how they relate to their current struggles and most importantly how to take the next credible steps toward sobriety. Jeremy relies heavily on the effective modality of Mind-Body Bridging to assist patients in taking on a more realistic view of themselves, their world and their personal challenges.


jennifer whipple staff member at recovery ways

Jennifer Whipple

RC Manager

Jen began working at Recovery Ways as a Residential Coordinator in early 2018 before moving into the RC Manager role. Jen has nearly seven years of experience working in the field of substance abuse and mental health. Not letting that time go to waste, Jen has developed a genuine passion for the work she does and an endearment for the people she serves.

Born and raised in Arizona, Jen has sunshine in her blood and gets excited over life’s simple pleasures such as making the yellow light, a pull thru parking spot, making someone laugh and the view of Utah’s majestic mountains.

After working hard, Jen likes to play hard by hiking, finding hidden trails, riding her bike, writing, traveling and playing with the greatest thing on 4 paws, her pitbull, Tovy.