a group of people stand in a line and think about how to use employee assistance programs

How To Use Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are usually offered through a business’ human resources department or a third-party. These programs can help you get the assistance you need with substance abuse while still maintaining your employment status. EAP benefits are offered as a way to maintain the worker’s productivity by decreasing absenteeism and workplace accidents. Even if…

picture of bright lights represent the dangers of abuse rave and ecstasy

Raves, Ecstasy, and the Dangers of Abuse

No matter which venue people gather at, what music is playing the background, or what people are attending, there is more often than not, an illicit substance available somewhere nearby. However, one substance has many people worried, especially about younger users, ecstasy. Ecstasy, at its purest form, is called MDMA (which is an acronym for…

a shrub in the middle of a tree stump represents rebirth through recovery

Rebirth Through Recovery

Springtime is known for the melting of snow with the increasing temperatures and longer days, the abundance of colors with the blossoming of trees and plants, and the multitude of young animals. Surroundings change from a cold dark setting to one filled with birds chirping, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and a…

mardi gras crown represents the enjoyment of having sober mardi gras

Sober Mardi Gras

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras and you are sober, boring right? Wrong. While many of us hear “Mardi Gras” and instantly imagine parades, lots of alcohol, and New Orleans, there are many other things associated with this holiday. Mardi Gras holds many religious, cultural, historical, and culinary aspects that help make the holiday what it is.…

piles of pills represent the dangers of prescribing millennials prescription drugs

Prescribing Millennials

Millennials, also sometimes referred to as Generation Y, are categorized by their coming of age at the turn of the millennium. The actual birth years of the millennials vary from 1980-1984 until 2002-2004. As of 2017 the oldest millennials will be 37 and the youngest 13 years old. They grew up with technology and are…

an open highway represents the road to recovery

The Road to Recovery

Starting the recovery process can seem intimidating and unpleasant.Take the time to realize and understand that if you do not start this process you can/will lose those you love the most, lose control, and can possibly lose your freedom by being arrested, and even lose your life. While starting treatment may seem scary, a lot…

a woman practices mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness is a state of mind found by focusing on the current moment and calmly accepting and acknowledging the thoughts and feelings without the “right” or “wrong” mentality. It is a therapeutic technique that we all possess but practicing meditation helps you to achieve this state of mind more often and more easily. It is…