a man looks like at a pill and wonders about the 5 myths about drug addiction and substance abuse

5 Myths about Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse

Drug addiction and substance abuse have many associated myths and false claims. Many of which give treatment and recovery negative connotations. These myths perpetuate attitudes that addiction treatment is simply a matter of will power, or that it’s a disease that no-one can do anything about. The only way we can correct these false allegations…

Tiny empty bottles beg the question about the inhalants effects on the brain

Inhalants Effects on the Brain

Inhalants are household products that people inhale to get high. It is almost impossible to identify all of these products, as there are thousands of them on the market today. Most people who purchase these products have no idea of inhalants effects on the brain. Furthermore, their children – teenagers age 13 to 18  –…

A spilled bottle of pills begs the question: what is a benzo?

What is a Benzo?

Benzo, or benzodiazepines, are a category of medication that doctors use to relieve pain or reduce anxiety and insomnia. These are among the most used drugs in America. Currently, one in eight U.S. adults (12.6 percent) are taking benzo medication for some type of mental health condition.  While benzos are effective in treating these conditions,…