a man sits with his hands on his head and wonders about how dual diagnosis treatment can help him

Dual Diagnosis Treatment: How We Can Help

At Recovery Ways, the therapeutic team takes a Dual Diagnosis approach to treatment. Dual Diagnosis Treatment emphasizes that a person has a mood disorder (such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.) and a substance use disorder simultaneously. When this happens, it is common for the person to struggle to understand the relationship between the two…

a man holds his face and thinks about addiction and depression

Addiction & Depression

Addiction & Depression There is a “definite connection between mental illness and the use of addictive substances,” according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. They say that mental health disorders patients are accountable for the consumption of 38% of alcohol and 44% of cocaine. A big cause of this is patients trying to self…

pills and a needle represent a complex addiction

Complex Addiction

Complex Addiction Many people do not realize that many people who struggle with addiction, struggle with multiple substances. Many people start off using drugs at party scenes where they mix substances. Alcohol and cocaine are a common mix in the party scene. Other people who become addicted to prescription pills are often abusing multiple prescription…

folded pages of a journal make you wonder how journalling helps with addiction treatment

Journaling: How Does It Help With Addiction Treatment

Journaling: How Does It Help With Addiction Treatment During addiction treatment the patient becomes more aware of their addiction, the reasons behind their addiction, and more mindful of their feelings. Many people kept journals or diaries as children but often stop when they become adults and are faced with other responsibilities such as school, work,…

a man speaks through a can to tell the false facts you've heard about rehab

False Facts You’ve Heard About Rehab

False “Facts” You’ve Heard About Rehab With addiction becoming more common, especially with today’s opioid epidemic plaguing the Nation, more and more people are talking about substance abuse rehabilitation. There are many facts out there about treatment centers, some true, and some false. These false “facts” being talked about can be detrimental, especially to someone…

a group of people enjoy a sunny day as they talk about how treatment doesn't have to be boring

Treatment Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Treatment Doesn’t Have To Be Boring.  How Recreational Therapy Improves Addiction Treatment. Many people, when they think of recovery treatment, they think about the detox (which is probably the least desirable part), all the individual and group therapies they will have to do, and how boring the sober days are going to be. This is…