Stormy Hill, MD, OTR/L

Life Skills Department Head

Dr. Hill has worked for over nine years in the field of mental health as an occupational therapist. Stormy has a BA from Duke University‚ her medical doctorate from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine‚ and her MS in Occupational Therapy from University of Southern California with an emphasis in sensory integration. A main focus for Dr. Hill is to provide design and implementation of sensory rooms‚ staff training and education‚ and life skills program design for substance abuse/dual diagnosis treatment centers.

Sensory Rooms and Effective Addiction Treatment

Sensory integration gives patients who are suffering from physical pain, trauma, anxiety and other mental health issues associated with addiction and substance abuse the opportunity for relief and exploration. With our unique sensory rooms, Recovery Ways gives patients the opportunity to recognize and reduce their level of self-perceived distress and anxiety, giving more time to focus on addiction recovery.

Sensory Room Tour