Recovery Ways at Brunswick Place

4848 South Commerce Dr Murray, UT 84107 | (801) 326-5180

Effective & affordable PHP and residential substance abuse treatment in Utah.

The Brunswick Place location of Recovery Ways is very unique, in that offers both PHP and residential treatment. PHP, short for partial hospitalization and also known as day treatment, can be structured in many ways. It typically allows our patients to attend treatment during the day and then return home in the evenings. This gives them the opportunity to practice the skills they learn daily in treatment. The inpatient residential program averages around a 45 day stay and includes many different therapy options to get to the heart of the co-occurring disorder.


Day Treatment and Inpatient Drug Rehab at Recovery Ways

Attending residential inpatient drug treatment is imperative for those seeking a drug-free lifestyle. Recovery Ways couples state of the art addiction treatment with modern living accommodations. The residential program usually follows, depending on clinical analysis, a stay at our world class drug detoxification clinic. This keeps our patients safe and medically monitored around the clock during a very unpredictable time in the recovery process.

The partial hospitalization program at Recovery Ways focuses on providing skills and mechanisms to battle drug and alcohol addiction in everyday life. Through the use of 12-step models, group therapy, private addiction counseling and family integration sessions we want to give our patients the tools to live complete and sober lives.

Sensory Rooms and Effective Addiction Treatment

Sensory integration gives patients who are suffering from physical pain, trauma, anxiety and other mental health issues associated with addiction and substance abuse the opportunity for relief and exploration. With our unique sensory rooms, Recovery Ways gives patients the opportunity to recognize and reduce their level of self-perceived distress and anxiety, giving more time to focus on addiction recovery.

Sensory Room Tour