a woman feeling better after completing a residential treatment program Patients entering our residential treatment center are no longer in need of acute care and aren’t illustrating withdrawal symptoms, yet they are still in need of 24 hour monitoring and support. Inpatient rehabilitation has the highest long-term success rates. During this phase of treatment patients receive more intensive individual and group counseling sessions. Recovery Ways keeps our groups small to make sure that everyone gets the most out of the therapy. Our residential program is highly structured, offering a minimum of 8 hours of daily programming. Developing insight and understanding into the disease of addiction, the psychological triggers, and the recovery process provide the foundation for our residential treatment program. The length of treatment depends on what substance was being abused, the severity of the addiction, if the patient has been through rehab before, and if they have any co-occurring disorders. We will work with them to determine what is the best options for them to ensure they fully recover from their addiction with the capability of maintaining their sobriety. The safe environment at Recovery Ways allows patients freedom from outside triggers so that they have a chance to learn what those are and prepare themselves to deal with them once they are sober. We teach them the tools they need to overcome their addiction and start a better life. We know first hand the success of patients who have the additional benefit of family involvement and support in treatment. Which is why we offer family support therapy and allow family members to visit their loved ones, this also helps rebuild any trust that may have been lost. Families are some of the most influential members of the support team after the addiction treatment for the recovering individual. Let us help them not only get back on track, but design and improve the quality of their life.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment allows patients the chance to completely focus on getting well and sober but it is not just about getting away from the stressors of life and stopping the alcohol or drugs. It is about learning to take control and responsibility for their life, finding their Higher Power and opening themselves to others. The treatment process focuses on the whole person, not just the physical addiction, and their recovery is supported by caring and highly-qualified staff members.

Titration and Stabilization

In order to get better, a person must go through a period without using alcohol or drugs. At Recovery Ways, we call this part of treatment titration and stabilization. Patients are stabilized and assessed in this aspect of the program according to ASAM criteria. Patients admitted to this level of care have a need for medical monitoring and display withdrawal symptoms. During this phase of treatment patients will be receiving ongoing support and medical attention from our medical staff, psychiatrist, and addictionologist. They have access to 24-hour medical attention if they need it and this can make all the difference between relapse and recovery.As a patient progresses through our program, they will experience several phases of treatment ranging from medical stabilization, to education, to relapse prevention. Clients are actively involved in the development and implementation of their treatment plans in each phase.When you arrive at Recovery Ways, you immediately sense that you are in a place of serenity and healing. At Recovery Ways we offer private room and bath and semi-private rooms in a safe environment with licensed chemical dependency staff to help you with your recovery 24 hours a day. We also have Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) approved rooms available for those that need them. Our four custom built locations, in the Salt Lake City area, are designed for a comfortable and family lodge-like atmosphere with an effective design for the treatment process.

Balanced Diet

Nutrition is an important part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We offer a variety of healthy meals for our patients that will aide them in their recovery. Each day you will prepare your own breakfast from a wide variety of healthy choices, with the guidance of your therapist. Lunch and evening dinners are prepared by a chef and enjoyed in a family dining room area with the group. If you have dietary restrictions or allergies we will work with you to provide what you need including kosher, gluten-free, etc. Every day includes a structured time for fitness and exercise, with a therapist involved to help you design an appropriate program for your needs. Exercise is part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It helps to remove toxins in your body, provides a break from studies and promotes physical relaxation and a good night’s sleep. Exercise also helps the production of endorphins in the body to make patients feel better and it can be used as a sober activity outside of rehabilitation to stay healthy and relieve stress. Part of the Recovery Ways program is organized outings in the Salt Lake City area to introduce new hobbies and activities to fill the free-time created in an addiction-free life. With our Recreational Therapy patients are offered new activities to try and be apart of. The family unit is important in the recovery process and there is time allocated each weekend on Sundays for family visits as well as family therapy that will help educate the family and the patient. Personal faith activities are encouraged and facilitated at your choice of a wide variety of local places of worship.

To learn more about our residential treatment program please call 1-877-633-4896.