Alumni Team

Alicia Scovill

Alumni Director

Alicia Scovill went through treatment at Recovery Ways in Fall of 2015. When she was a patient, she made the decision that someday she would like to work in treatment and give back what was given to her. Several of her family members have struggled with addiction and have been lucky enough to find a life of recovery. She has always been passionate about helping other people and believes that everyone deserves a second chance at life. She has worked for Recovery Ways since 2017 starting as an RC and is now the Alumni director. In her free time, she is usually with her 2 kids, napping, binge-watching Netflix, or finding ways to strengthen her spirituality. She loves meditation, self-help books, and listening to motivational speakers.

Ekko Poster

Alumni Coordinator

My own Recovery Journey started 5 years ago. In my own recovery, I found my life passion in helping others in starting their own journey. I passionately feel that my recovery was the beginning in living a happy fulfilled life. I enjoy hanging out with my recovery tribe. My favorite past time is to hang out with my dog, Koko and doing summer activities.