Aftercare is a vital component of long-lasting recovery. It helps people in recovery transition from the safety and security of full-time care and independently practice newly found skills in their new life.

Studies show that continuing with regular aftercare — whether it’s a specialty program, support group meetings or mental health counseling — significantly improves long-term patient outcomes and lowers risk of relapse.

At Recovery Ways, we’re rethinking aftercare to ensure that our clients to provide important support programming. We’ve created a Virtual Aftercare Program takes advantage of our technological age to deliver aftercare directly to our clients and allow them to easily stay in touch. With this cutting-edge new program, we can improve aftercare consistency and in turn improve our patients’ long-term outcomes.

Recovery Ways Aftercare

When you graduate from one of our treatment programs, our team works with you to find an aftercare program that will provide individualized next steps. In some cases, we recommend continuing treatment with a partial day or intensive outpatient program. For others, we may help you find a mental health counselor for continued therapy sessions. But we also offer own group model aftercare programs for clients who want to stay in touch.

Key components of Recovery Ways care:

  • Community
  • Accountability
  • Engagement
  • Education
  • Accessibility
  • Support
  • Consistency

These priorities keep our clients on track, continuing to teach established recovery practices and give them a reliable, welcoming place to go when they need support. And, we can improve our quality of care as we learn about the challenges and successes that our clients experience in their lives post-treatment.

Addiction self-care from Salt Lake City based drug rehab, Recovery Ways.

Virtual Aftercare at Recovery Ways

Our Virtual Aftercare Program is changing the way we engage our alumni in Utah aftercare programs. This innovative program is a six-month, remotely accessible group-based aftercare program that utilizes Zoom video conferencing technology. We make face-to-face contact with our alumni rather than relying on calls and emails, and we create virtual support groups so alumni can keep in touch with their peers from Recovery Ways — all at no extra cost to our clients.

Each group is composed of approximately 15 clients from the same graduating group — clients who completed treatment at Recovery Ways together will be invited to the same group. Important connections formed in early recovery and we maintaining those relationships is valuable for long-term recovery in these groups. Participants feel at ease right away and the support from a group of familiar people is more personalized, more productive, and improves a sense of accountability.

Sessions are peer-led; in the first three months, sessions are overseen by certified peer specialists, and in the last three months by an alumni coordinator.

Virtual Aftercare Includes:

  • Six months of group meetings
  • Minimum once per week commitment
  • No extra cost
  • Ease of access to virtual meetings
  • Peer-led group talk sessions
  • Continued contact with peers from treatment

Virtual Aftercare is available for Recovery Ways clients who graduate from any of our offered levels of care, including residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment and partial day treatment. If our Virtual Aftercare Program is right for you, we will ensure that you have everything you need to get started when you leave our programs. Your group sessions will begin within two weeks after graduation.

At Recovery Ways we have over a decade of experience helping those who are struggling with mental health and substance use related issues.  We offer a wide range of services including Detox, Residential Treatment, PHP, and IOP therapy to help those in need.  Please contact us today if we can be of assistance in getting your life unstuck and back to finding more purpose and joy.  We accept most major insurances.