A woman sits curled up in a chair and wonders can mental illness shorten your life

Can Mental Illness Shorten Your Life?

No one wants to live with mental illness. Mental illnesses can make your life harder in many ways. Depending on what you have, you may be depressed, anxious, impulsive, angry, combative, confused, or paranoid. Now it appears mental illness has another big drawback: it can shorten your life. Depending on what mental health issue you…

A group of people meditate on yoga mats and talk about how therapeutic recreation helps with recovery

How Therapeutic Recreation Helps with Recovery

Treatment centers are adding recreational activities to their addiction recovery programs, and for very good reason. Physical activity is an important part of our overall wellness and provides tremendous benefits for our mental, emotional and physical health. When we incorporate recreation into our recovery, it can bolster our progress and help us in various different…