A man smiles after he and his friends learn how to stop a panic attack

How to Stop a Panic Attack

Panic attacks can be terrifying. Your heart races, you shake, you sweat, you have trouble breathing, and you feel like you might die. Many people mistake panic attacks for heart attacks, which only increases their fear. Once you’ve had a panic attack, the fear of having another one may actually precipitate another attack. People with…

A man talks to his doctor about the difference between medication assisted treatment and drug replacement therapy

What’s the Difference Between Medication Assisted Treatment and Drug Replacement Therapy?

Medication assisted treatment, or MAT, means using FDA-approved medications as part of a treatment plan that includes counseling and therapy. Currently, MAT is primarily used to treat alcohol addiction or opioid addiction. There aren’t yet any medications for treating addiction to stimulants or benzodiazepines, although medications such as antidepressants may be used to treat co-occurring…

A doctor talks to a man in a hospital bed about 3 risks of medication assisted treatment

3 Risks of Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication assisted treatment, or MAT, is the practice of using FDA-approved medication as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. MAT has been shown to be most effective for treating alcohol and opioid use disorders. Typical medications include Antabuse, naltrexone, and Campral for alcohol addiction, and methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone, often in the monthly, injectable form,…

A man takes off his glasses and hangs his head as he wonders what the difference is between depression and dysthymia

What’s the Difference Between Depression and Dysthymia?

Depression affects about 16 million Americans every year. The World Health Organization calls depression the number one cause of disability worldwide. Symptoms typically include prolonged feelings of sadness, fatigue, irritability, aggression, lack of motivation, disturbed sleep, poor memory and concentration, feelings of hopelessness, physical aches, and thoughts of suicide or death. The symptoms of depression…

A doctor tells a woman 3 reasons why MAT isn't just replacing one addiction with another

3 Reasons Why MAT Isn’t Just Replacing One Addiction with Another

Medication assisted treatment, or MAT, means using FDA-approved medications as part of an integrated treatment plan. For people with opioid addictions, this typically means taking methadone or buprenorphine, a strategy called opioid replacement therapy. Among people who study opioid addiction, MAT, along with therapy or counselling is considered the gold standard of opioid addiction treatment.…

A woman sits on a park bench and tries to remember 4 ways to cope with social anxiety disorder

4 Ways to Cope with Social Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders are common co-occurring conditions with addiction because people who suffer from them desperately want relief from their symptoms, which sometimes include intense panic attacks. Often, people who suffer from anxiety disorders will be prescribed benzodiazepines such as Xanax that relieve anxiety in the short term, but are highly addictive. They may also self-medicate…