Occupational Therapy

Here at Recovery Ways we offer unique therapeutic programs for our patients. These programs will help them during their stay, as well as their time in recovery. Our sensory integration therapy offers a one of a kind, patient-centered therapy, that helps patients identify their feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, pain, and agitation and gives them a new way of coping with those feelings. It gives them a way to self-regulate their emotions, feelings of pain, and their environment through music, sounds, imagery, and sensations. Our licensed occupational therapists give patients the chance to learn life skills and coping mechanisms they may have missed out on due to their addiction.

Our Occupational Therapy Program is designed to enhance and enrich Recovery Ways interdisciplinary and therapeutic approach by working with residential and IOP patients for transition and reintegration into the community upon completion of rehabilitation:

  • Sensory Challenges and Solutions
  • Occupational Engagement and Barriers
  • Roles and Identities
  • Vocational Challenges and Solutions
  • Habits, Patterns, and Routines
  • Volition/Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation
    Remediation and/or Adaptation of tasks and skills

By focusing on the skills, daily routines, and roles that the individual values and helping integrate them into the individual’s self-efficacy and self-image, the therapist can help enhance the lifestyle and support the sobriety of the newly recovering substance abuser. The focus of therapy is to attain a level of functional performance in the client’s meaningful life roles that had deteriorated due to substance abuse.

Real Life Therapy

Recovery Ways’ goal is to fill an ever-growing need to develop treatment and strategies that will give our patients their best chance of attaining true health and wellness as well as a sustained recovery. We implement therapies such as the sensory integration therapy, occupational therapy, and even recreational therapy as was to teach our patients control over themselves and their life, responsibilities, healthy coping mechanisms, pain and anger management, fun activities and ways to not be bored, help with sleeping and hygiene, and to feel empowered. Patients have already made the biggest and best choice in their life, to get clean, and we are committed to helping them learn the best ways to maintain their sobriety through all stages of their new sober life.

Are You Ready to Seek Treatment?

If you are ready to make the commitment to addiction treatment and live a life free of drugs or alcohol, Recovery Ways can help. We provide all levels of care from inpatient drug detox to residential and intensive outpatient treatment. Our admissions coordinators are available around the clock to accept your call or chat and help you receive the best addiction treatment available.

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