Family Program

Our family program allows patients and their family members to take an honest look at the disease of addiction and examine the effect it has had on each person individually, and on the family as a whole. Addiction is not simply about substance misuse, it is also a relational disease. That is not to say that the family is responsible for the addiction or the recovery of their loved one but the family can play an important role and become a great asset in the recovery of the addicted individual and the health of the whole family.


The Importance of Family Participation

Families require help to repair the damage caused by addiction. Often, substance misuse has been going on for a long time with devastating consequences for the relationships within the family. Trust is typically the first victim. The substance misuse of the addicted person creates a toxic atmosphere that needs to be cleaned up. Many studies show that the chance of sustained recovery from a substance use disorder improves dramatically if the family participates in the treatment process.

With the help of our professional treatment team, trust and honest communication can begin again, building a solid foundation for a healthier future for both the patient and their family. Family members will learn about the symptoms of their loved one’s addiction and its consequences. They will also receive an overview of the recovery process and some treatment resources.

The treatment plan will be customized to address individual needs and implemented upon admission. Family members will learn how they can help their loved one, themselves, and the family as a whole. They will learn to recognize the warning signs of a relapse and appropriate next steps. Recovery Ways works with the patient, the patient’s family, and other support groups as a team to make sure when the patient completes treatment they are surrounded by supportive, strong, loving, and caring people. We want to give the patient every tool necessary to maintain their new sober life.

When patients arrive at Recovery Ways, they engage with doctors, clinicians, and therapists according to their treatment plan. For the family we ideally want a parallel process: we want the families to experience as much as possible of the recovery process so they understand what is going on with their loved one. Members of the family program reach out to the families, have a conversation with them in the first few days, and let them know that we are here to offer our support and engagement.

What We Provide

The family program consists of four main elements:

    • At each level of care, patients are provided the opportunity to engage in family therapy, in order to facilitate healthy family relationships while they work on their recovery.
    • Patients and their families also have an opportunity to watch educational videos that explain various aspects of addiction and the effect of substance misuse on the brain.
    • Families have access to an online forum for weekly live engagement with family program staff. Any interactions, questions, and comments are welcome.
    • Clients and their families have an opportunity to attend our family workshop, organized by the family therapist, the family, and the patient during the patient’s stay in treatment.



Zoom Meetings

In-person online conferencing allows family members to discuss with staff addiction topics, including boundaries, enmeshment, and codependency. These meetings allow remote interactions between staff and families about specific or general aspects of substance use disorder and help develop a personal path of recovery. Questions and comments are always welcome.

Educational Videos

Our educational videos provide informative content and skills training on key addiction topics. These will include communications and relationship skills for self-awareness, information on family dynamics, the brain and addiction, and relapse prevention issues.

Family Workshop

The family workshop allows family members to realize how this devastating disease has changed their behavior, often creating a condition called codependency. Family members will learn about the relational character of addiction and how to respond to the addicted individual in new ways that promote wellness. Family members will be shown how to change and repair the family dynamic and how to develop their own recovery plan.

The weekly workshop takes place on Friday (9:00 am–4:30 pm, lunch provided) and Saturday (9:00–11:00 am). The program is free of charge for family members and is organized by the family therapy team. The program is designed to help families overcome the devastating effects of addiction, find support, and learn how to plan for the future.

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are forced to conduct our family program activities via online conferencing for the time being.