A short video message from our Clinical Director, Michael Gaziano

NOTE: The Family workshop is available live or virtual. 


The Family Program is an integral part of the recovery process at Recovery Ways.  The primary purpose of our program is to educate and support family members who have been impacted by their loved ones illness. Often, people with maladaptive behaviors damage the relationships of family and friends in many ways; and as they begin treatment, their loved ones are left with many questions and concerns.

The Family Program provides a safe and therapeutic environment to recognize and discuss difficult issues, teach family members how to be supportive, and acknowledge unhealthy lifestyle habits and heal together as a family.  The Recovery Ways Family Program is often life-changing because relationships begin to mend from the prolonged feelings of being confused, hurt, and misunderstood.  After the Family Program, patients and their family members are encouraged to utilize the skills learned to continue developing healthy relationships with each other.

Dear Family Member,

  Your loved one has made a life affirming choice to seek treatment at Recovery Ways, and this decision will have a profound impact on your entire family. At Recovery Ways our motto is Healing is Possible, and that applies to family members as well!

We know that mental illness and substance use disorders do not just impact the person who is in treatment, as it touches everyone who cares about them and is in their lives.  For this reason, we have created a program that provides education and support to families as they go through the process of recovery and healing.     

Recovery Ways Family Program is designed to educate and support the families of our patients, and your attendance is strongly encouraged.  Research shows that those struggling with Mental Health and /Or Substance Use Disorder have better outcomes when their family is involved in their care.  We strongly encourage you to fully engage and participate to rebuild relationships, gain a fresh perspective, and gain a new sense of hope.

Recovery Way’s Family Program is a two-day experience that runs every other week. The program is held Monday and Tuesday (9-4pm) and is FREE to family members and You have the option of attending either live or virtually.  This is such a wonderful opportunity to learn about Mental health and/or Substance Use, get support and begin to plan for your family’s future.

Your loved one will be asked to participate in this program when clinically appropriate (usually on or around week 3 of care).  If you are interested and able to join us, please reach out as soon as possible to Liz Grayston our Family Program Coordinator at egrayston@recoveryways.com  At that point, we will begin the enrollment and preparation process with your loved one and their primary therapist.

Please know that we are always here to provide more information about the program and to answer any questions that you may have.

We look forward to meeting you and remember, Healing is Possible. 


Mike Gaziano, LCSW

Clinical Director


At Recovery Ways we have over a decade of experience helping those who are struggling with mental health and substance use related issues.  We offer a wide range of services including Detox, Residential Treatment, PHP, and IOP therapy to help those in need.  Please contact us today if we can be of assistance in getting your life unstuck and back to finding more purpose and joy.  We accept most major insurances.