a man lies in a hammock and thinks about ways to deal with anger in addiction recovery

5 Ways to Deal with Anger in Addiction Recovery

Anger and addiction are closely related. Occasional anger is normal and sometimes healthy. If we see someone being treated cruelly or unfairly, anger is an appropriate reaction. However, expressing anger constructively isn’t easy. Some people are prone to angry outbursts that are destructive and usually make matters worse. Most people go the opposite way and… Continue Reading 5 Ways to Deal with Anger in Addiction Recovery

a woman rockclimbs as she thinks about the benefits of recreational and occupational therapy

The Benefits of Recreational and Occupational Therapy

One of our biggest challenges in recovery, after we’ve left the treatment center and gone back to our regular lives and daily routines, is knowing how cope on our own, how to fill all the time we once gave to using. It can be overwhelming, daunting, scary and emotionally draining. Many of us have missed… Continue Reading The Benefits of Recreational and Occupational Therapy

a man and woman ride a motorcycle down a dusty road as they go through the process of self discovery

The Process of Self-Discovery

The recovery process is challenging one – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. One of the most important parts of the process is that of rediscovering ourselves. Our addictions and mental health issues can cause us to completely lose sight of who we are. We’ve isolated ourselves, distanced ourselves from loved ones, broken relationships. We’ve lost… Continue Reading The Process of Self-Discovery