Alumni Support Program

At Recovery Ways, we believe that treatment is the foundation and beginning of a process toward lifelong recovery. We are dedicated to assisting our patients to build upon that foundation as they begin the next phase of their recovery and continue on their journey toward healing. After completing treatment with Recovery Ways, you will be invited to join the Recovery Ways Alumni program. With the alumni program, you will build a sober network of peers and friends that have been in the exact same situation you have. This program provides life-long support from both staff and fellow Recovery Ways alumni participants.

Our Mission

The mission of Recovery Ways Alumni Services Department is to provide lifetime support and services, creating a bridge to lifelong recovery for individuals and families suffering from the devastating disease of addiction. We are dedicated to actively assisting individuals in bridging the gap between treatment and returning to the responsibilities of daily life; assisting our Alumni in remaining connected to one’s Recovery through individualized support, regular activities, reunions and retreats, support groups, continued education, service work, peer to peer support, and continuous renewal of one’s commitment to living a life of dignity and healing.

Our vision is to assist Alumni in creating lifelong connections to Recovery Ways and to each other, building fellowship and pride among Recovery Ways Alumni and serving as an ever-present reminder that our Alumni are “Never Alone”.

Alumni Service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Weekly scheduled support calls with a professionally trained Alumni Coordinator for one month post-discharge followed by monthly calls for a minimum of one-year post-discharge
  • 24-hour support for life
  • Multiple weekly Alumni run meetings and Refuge Recovery group
  • Regular sober fun and fellowship activities, including alumni softball and volleyball
  • Soccer teams, as well as rock-climbing, yoga, meditation, breath-works and other recreation and experiential activities and outings
  • Regular continuing education and renewal events, including workshops, guest speakers, and spiritual enrichment activities
  • Annual alumni reunion and retreat
  • Regular service, community service, and volunteering activities
  • Peer-to-peer support program with access to stay connected with other Alumni whether local or across the country
  • Access to social media connections and online communities via our private Recovery Ways Alumni page

Join the Recovery Ways Alumni Program

Whether you came to us for addiction treatment or recovery support, attended one of our special events, or took part in our Family Program, you are now and always a member of our amazing Tribe!

Our Tribe Alumni Program is designed specifically for you; to energize, strengthen and support your recovery by providing opportunities to get involved, give back and replenish your mind, body and spirit. The program holds bi-weekly aftercare meeting, hosts annual events and outings, as well as provides online support with a very active social media presence. If you would like more information please contact one of our alumni coordinators (Matt or Ekkos) or visit the alumni website.