Due to increased mental health symptoms experienced by so many in 2020, Recovery Ways is pleased to offer options for two-week programs that are customized for First Responders to learn about, and/or address their trauma symptoms.  These programs utilize the trauma informed integrated care model that has made Recovery Ways a trusted partner with patients, referents and payers for more than a decade.

The two-week trauma intervention is a high intensity mental health program designed to help professionals to identify how trauma is creating conscious and unconscious mental health impairments that reduce performance.  As part of the intervention, we strive to establish a collaborative and customized plan that empowers participants to begin to overcome their trauma caused impairments.

While this intense intervention routinely produces impressive results, the trauma focus is emotionally very hard and will challenge the participant in profound ways.  Therefore, participants must have existing emotional resiliency and a demonstrated ability to confront significant adversity without becoming a danger to themselves or others.

While highly individualized, the 2 Week trauma intensive will include a minimum of (4) 1:1 sessions per week, sensory integration 2-3 times per week, regular visits with a psychiatrist, and case management services.  Often, we find that the best plan for continued care includes the Recovery Ways Virtual IOP, as well as a planned return to Recovery Ways for an additional two weeks of treatment.

While there are no absolute exclusions, the following items are generally a better fit with our month-long trauma intervention:

•Poorly controlled chronic pain
•Current use of an opiate pain medication
•Use of a benzodiazepine medication
•Any recent or active substance use disorder
•History of chronic suicidal gestures/attempts
•Difficulty confronting adversity

A two-week trauma education and learning option is also available for those who are unable to tolerate the pace of our Intensive program.  This program will explore both conscious and unconscious impediments through additional 1:1 and sensory integration.

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