a woman thinks about innovative addiction treatment as she sits in a sensory therapy room

Innovative Addiction Treatment

While some people may consider these addiction treatment programs unique, it is only because not everyone has them available to offer. Those who have used these treatments have seen the benefits and enjoyed the outcomes. Offering new ways of looking at life, experiencing life, coping with stressors, understanding emotions, understanding any co-occurring disorders. How Recreation…

a flight attendant smiles though he thinks about addiction and mental health for flight attendants

Flight Attendants: Addiction & Mental Health

There are many high stress jobs that lead to mental health issues and addiction. Many of those jobs are in the transportation industry. The U.S. Department of Transportation has strict policies for the testing and treatment of safety-sensitive transportation employees in aviation, trucking, railroads, mass transit, pipelines, and other transportation industries. These industries have put…

a person stares at pills and thinks about the dangers of self medicating

The Dangers of Self-Medicating

Most people think of self-medicating as taking a Tylenol for a headache. While this is true, there are people who take a more extreme and more dangerous chance with self-medicating. Self-medicating is choosing and taking medicines oneself, rather than by prescription or on expert advice or taking addictive or habituating drugs to relieve stress or…

a man does research about the right level of care on his laptop

The Right Level of Care

There are many factors for determining what kind of treatment one receives and for how long. Some of those factors include: length of time someone spent using the substance, method of use, severity of use, their social support network, their level of motivation and willingness, severity of medical or psychiatric issues, their living environment, and…