Amanda Walburger

Director of Utah Business Development

Territory: Utah
Cell/Text: (385) 315-0014
Having experienced addiction and mental health challenges personally and with loved ones, I know how beneficial Recovery Ways is to the clients we serve. I started with Recovery Ways in 2011 and immediately became passionate about serving this industry. 

Soon after starting to work in this field, I have been able to work with the surrounding hospitals to ensure our clients receive the highest care. I have enjoyed building relationships, not only with our clients, but with doctors and staff at hospitals we partner with. My background is in outreach and admissions and I have been certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I enjoy being a mother as well as a professional in the recovery community.

matthew mcbrier staff member at recovery ways

Matt McBrier

Regional Referral Relations Specialist

Territory: UT & surrounding central region
Cell/Text: (801) 809-9505
I was born and raised in Erie Pennsylvania and moved to Utah in early 2011. I have been working in the treatment industry for 7 years 6 of which have been spent working with Recovery Ways. As an alumni of our program I care deeply for the work we are doing and believe in the approach Recovery Ways takes in helping build strong foundations for our patients. 

I enjoy skiing, crossfit and running. Getting out into nature with my dog is one of my favorite things to do with my off time. I work hard to have the opportunities to travel when I can and love finding delicious new food where ever I may be.


Daria Montgomery

Market Director | VA Liaison | Director of Utah Outpatient

Territory: Utah
Phone: (801) 915-0260 


Rudy Ascuncion

Referral Relations – Labor Liaison

Cell/Text: (773) 294-7790

Rudy Ascuncion was hired by United Airlines in December 1969, and became a member of the International Association of Machinists at the same time.  Rudy became involved with the Machinists EAP in 1984, and began full time EAP work in 1989. 

He became the National Director of EAP for District 141 in 2003, representing members on United Airlines, USAirways, Hawaiian Airlines, Aloha, and Phillipine Airlines.

He retired from UAL in January of 2012 after 41 years of service.  While Director, the IAM/UAL EAP program twice won the Ross Von Wiegand award for best labor/management program, and he was recognized as the Labor Member of The Year in 2009 with the John J. Hennessey award from EAPA. 

He holds the following certifications, CEAP, NCAC1, SAP, LAP-C.

Rudy has worked as a EAP consultant for the Grand Lodge of the International Association of Machinists from 2012 to 2014.  Rudy now works as a Labor Liason consultant.  



Kevin Noel

Referral Relations Specialist

Territory: Washington
Cell/Text: (801) 686-4461

Kevin’s journey in the Mental Health and Substance Abuse field began with his family, having multiple family members and eventually friends suffer from challenges in both areas. Having grown up around and in an environment such as this allows for a unique insight into helping people that struggle with not only Substance Abuse themselves, but also with loved ones, friends that want to help but cannot. 

Using this skill set, Kevin started in 2009 working as front desk in a facility to help Schizophrenic patients focus on rehabilitating into the community. From this point to Managing a Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis clinic for The University of Utah, he has been able to apply all that he has learned across multiple fields of medical care, always focusing primarily on Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

Kevin has always had an innate passion for helping people and thrives in situations where he is able to do exactly that. He is extremely grateful for his position at Recovery Ways, allowing him to not only help people but do it in a way that truly benefits the patient and their families. Being able to help walk people through some of, if not the darkest parts of their lives and make it through to the other side is something that is as challenging as it is rewarding and is an outstanding place to find your passion as Kevin has.

Kevin has lived in California, Colorado, Utah and now beautiful Washington, where he lives with his wife, 3 dogs, and 2 cats. Main hobbies include hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, cooking and trying new foods! 



Will Brown  

Regional Referral Relations Specialist

Territory: Texas and Colorado
Cell/Text: (682) 701-5603

Will has worked in drug and alcohol treatment since early 2016. His passion for connecting with the drug addict and alcoholic who desperately needs help is what keeps him invested in the field. Growing up in North Texas, Will struggled with his own addictions until getting sober in 2015. He got sober in the Austin area and established himself within the sober community. 

Shortly after getting sober, he began working in the industry. For the last 7 years, he has worked primarily with families and their loved ones, assisting people in finding the resources that they need for where they are in their journey toward lifelong recovery. Will’s passions are a combination of rock climbing, skiing, camping, and hockey. When he’s not exploring, he is usually found at a concert or in a 12-step fellowship.






Kari Evans, CADC-I, Clinical Yoga Provider

Referral Relations Specialist

Territory: Oregon
Cell/Text: (541) 760-5080 

My passions combine in helping those who are justice-involved, trauma-impacted, and at-risk for or struggling with mental health or substance use disorders. I am honored to Represent Recovery ways through meaningful referent relationships. I feel immensely proud of our Valor Healing Program for First Responders, Veterans, and Active Duty Military. Healing IS possible.  I am your direct line to accessing treatment services.

Working in close partnership with:
• First Responder Support Network
• West Coast Post-trauma Retreat
• Lines for Life
• Construction Suicide Prevention Partnership
• QPR for Construction

• First Responders
• Military/Veteran
• Labor Industries

• Health, Wellness & Resiliency
• Workplace Well-being Initiatives
• Community Engagement and Events



Daniel DeGryse B.A., B.S., CADC, CEAP  

National Referral Relations Specialist

Territory: National
Cell/Text: (773) 875-3560

Dan is a retired Battalion Chief following a 30-year career with the Chicago Fire Department. Presently, Dan is the National Referral Relations Specialist with Recovery Ways which offers the Valor program to treat first responders, veterans, and frontline workers facing substance use and mental health issues. 

Since 1986, Dan has been providing substance use and mental health services for all demographics with a focus on frontline personnel. Dan has always been a strong advocate for the awareness, education and best practices in the treatment of this population. He has presented and led training for fire and police departments locally and nationally and has collaborated with state, national and international organizations to build behavioral health and peer support curriculum. 

Dan has bachelor’s degrees in psychology and fire science management. He is certified as an addiction counselor (CADC), certified employee assistance professional (CEAP), certified labor assistance professional (LAP/C), and been certified as an ARISE interventionist. 



Cale Steines  

National Referral Relations Specialist

Territory: National
Cell/Text: (815) 847-0784

Cale Steines brings more than 30 years of experience to Recovery Ways as a National Referral Relations Specialist. Cale recently retired as the UAW Employee Assistance Program Representative at the Chrysler Assembly Plant in Belvidere, Illinois. For 10 years, Cale was the National Treasurer for Labor Assistance Professionals (LAP) while also serving as the Treasurer of the Midwest Chapter of LAP since 2005.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Northern Illinois University and his certifications include LAP-C and NCAC-II.  Additionally, Cale has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his career, including the Founders Award and Mickey Diamond Award from LAP. He currently lives in Roscoe, Illinois, with his wife, Jennifer, where they have raised three wonderful children and recently welcomed their first grandchild.

Cale has seen firsthand in his personal and professional life the effects of mental illness and addiction. He is passionate about using his life experiences to help guide individuals and their families toward a path of hope, healing, and recovery.



Stacy Creacy  

National Referral Relations Specialist

Territory: National
Cell/Text: (303) 564-8790

Stacy Creacy joins Recovery Ways as a seasoned professional in the field of addiction treatment, boasting a career spanning over 20 years of overseeing Admissions Departments that then led her into the role of National Outreach and Business Development.

Stacy believes that by working collaboratively with community leaders, referral partners, like-minded professionals, as well as admissions and clinical teams we will ensure seamless coordination, contributing significantly to the success of the individuals we serve and the organization as a whole.

Stacy has always felt that the trust she earns from clients, families and referral relationships is to be honored and respected. Trust is a gift only given once and is the foundation of all that we do.

With her passion and dedication stemming from her own personal struggles with addiction and mental illness, she operates with empathy and compassion as her core drive to help others into a life of healing, health and happiness.

Stacy is excited to be part of the incredible mission and services for both mental health and addiction that Recovery Ways offers and believes strongly in the company slogan that “Healing is Possible”.



Jaron Stanton

Regional Referral Relations Specialist

Territory: Arizona
Cell/Text: (567) 938-7778

Dedicated to making a difference, I’ve been actively involved since 2015 in helping individuals navigate the complex landscape of mental health and substance abuse. Leveraging my passion, I tirelessly work to connect people with valuable resources, acting as a bridge to support and understanding. Whether it’s finding treatment options, support groups, or educational materials, my commitment is to empower others in their journey towards recovery and well-being. Together, let’s break barriers and ensure that no one faces these challenges alone.

My mission is to lead individuals toward their personal journey with recovery and help others become resource to anyone afflicted by addiction.

I am always open and wiling to provide support and education to anyone who needs it. If you would like to reach me, contact me at 567-938-7778 or