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a man wonders who does addiction affect

Who Does Addiction Affect?

There is a great deal of misinformation about addiction floating around, compounded by the stereotypes that many people have come to believe to be true about addicts and addiction. There is still stigma surrounding addiction, and incorrect assumptions that it is found disproportionately in poor communities and homeless populations. Addiction is often wrongly associated with…

two men talk about how building recovery capital can help you stay sober

How Can Having a Sponsor Help Me?

When we are starting out in recovery, many of us choose to be linked with a sponsor. We can find sponsors through our support groups, treatment centers, therapists or other trusted support systems. When we are paired with sponsors, they are usually in recovery for the same addiction types we’ve struggled with. They have firsthand…

a group of people listen to someone ask why should i go to meetings

Why Should I Go to Meetings?

Recovery support group meetings are an excellent way to connect with others in recovery. When we are first starting out on our recovery journey, we can feel very lost and alone. We can forget just how many other people are living with similar issues and struggling in similar ways. Our isolation can make us feel…