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two doctors talk to a woman about considering medical detox

Why Should You Consider Medical Detox?

Different parts of recovery are difficult in different ways. Detox is difficult because it can be extremely unpleasant and sometimes dangerous. However, it’s also necessary to go through withdrawal to begin treatment and recovery. If you are serious about getting sober and staying sober, here are some reasons you should consider medical detox. You’re more…

a woman stares at a salad and wonders how is anorexia related to addiction

How is Anorexia Related to Addiction?

Addiction and eating disorders often go together. One study found that people diagnosed with an eating disorder were five times more likely to have a substance use issue, and more than a third of people with substance use issues had eating disorders too. As with any co-occurring disorder, the relationship between addiction and eating disorders…

a woman stares at a scale and wonders can you spot the signs of anorexia

Can You Spot the Signs of Anorexia?

Someone with anorexia eats very little food, and is very particular about what food she does eat. Anorexia can result in severe weight loss, which can endanger the patient’s health and even cause death by starvation. In addition to the physical danger of not eating enough, anorexia is highly correlated with anxiety, depression, addiction, and…