A family talks about the benefits of family therapy with a therapist

Benefits of Family Therapy

When someone has an addiction, each member of the family suffers in different ways. As such, the family may need to seek professional counseling alongside the addict. Family therapy is a form of treatment that addresses issues affecting each member of the family, as well as the collective household. For this reason, there are several… Continue Reading Benefits of Family Therapy

A man sits against a wall with his hand on his head, wondering about alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms occur when you suddenly stop drinking after prolonged excessive alcohol use. Symptoms range from cravings, insomnia, and anxiety to nausea, depression, and delirium tremens. The severity and length of withdrawal symptoms depend on the length of your addiction, how much your drink, and if you combine alcohol with other substances.  The most… Continue Reading Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

A woman stares out over the ocean and wonders what the synthetic weed side effects are

Synthetic Weed Side Effects

Synthetic weed is still somewhat in its infancy, only gaining mainstream popularity in the last decade. As such, widespread synthetic weed side effects are still relatively unknown. Furthermore, few academic or government studies exist on the topic. The DEA has highlighted potential fatalities or medical emergencies related to similar TCH-based drugs such as K2 or… Continue Reading Synthetic Weed Side Effects

A therapist holds his patient's hands between his own as they talk about the alcohol detox timeline and how long is alcohol detox

How Long is Alcohol Detox?

How long is alcohol detox? That is a complicated question. The length of detox depends on a wide range of factors, including: How long you have been drinking The type of alcohol you have been drinking The frequency and amount you drink Your weight and overall body chemistry If you have been mixing alcohol with other… Continue Reading How Long is Alcohol Detox?

A woman meditates and thinks about the benefits of holistic treatment

Benefits of Holistic Treatment

If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, you may want to consider holistic therapy as an alternative to traditional treatment. However, you may be asking, what is holistic therapy? A holistic therapy approach employs a wide range of techniques that helps to heal your mind, body, and spirit. There are several benefits of… Continue Reading Benefits of Holistic Treatment

A man sits on his bed and holds his head, wondering about the long term meth effects

Long Term Meth Effects

Long-term addiction to methamphetamines (meth) can lead to terminal severe health problems. One of the most common long-term meth effects is an addiction. Quitting the addiction is extremely challenging and can often lead to multiple relapses. For this reason, users should seek professional help from a treatment center when ending addiction meth.  Furthermore, users should… Continue Reading Long Term Meth Effects

A person holds a needle, and wonders how addictive is heroin

How Addictive is Heroin?

How addictive is heroin? This question is one that many have asked themselves. For those asking, we have the answer. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly half a million people in the United States 12 years and older reported using heroin in 2018. Almost 100,000 visits to the hospital were… Continue Reading How Addictive is Heroin?

A man holds out a baggie of white powder and wonder how long does cocaine last in your system?

How Long Does Cocaine Last?

Many users wonder, “How long does cocaine last?” At Recovery Ways, we know the answer. The effects of cocaine on the central nervous system can occur within 5 to 30 minutes. The high is intense but does not last long. At most, the effects may continue for an hour. Several factors determine the actual amount… Continue Reading How Long Does Cocaine Last?