a woman saying no to drugs as a way of how to stop drug abuse

How to Stop Drug Abuse

Both legal and illicit substances carry the potential for abuse, as do many prescription medications. The prevalence of addiction may make you wonder how to stop drug abuse. The only way to prevent an addiction is to avoid all psychoactive substances. When you do begin exhibiting signs of dependency, early treatment is the best way… Continue Reading How to Stop Drug Abuse

a woman thinking about her loved one at addiction treatment who found Safety at Rehab

It’s Time to Find Safety at Rehab

As COVID-19 continues to spread, ask yourself: could you find your much-needed support and safety at rehab right now? Many communities and states have ordered people to “shelter in place”. So you’re staying at home as much as possible, physically distancing yourself, and washing your hands.  These times are trying times. So everyone must adapt.… Continue Reading It’s Time to Find Safety at Rehab

A man give another man a hug after gettign LGBTQ addiction treatment

LGBTQ Addiction Treatment

Members of the LGBTQ community who struggle with substance abuse may not know where to turn for LGBTQ addiction treatment. Furthermore, they may face challenges in finding a treatment center that meets their specific needs. Consequently, many people in this group may have an addiction that goes untreated.  However, Recovery Ways welcomes anyone who needs… Continue Reading LGBTQ Addiction Treatment

A group of men and women sit close together to talk about how recovery ways will soon be in the tricare network

Recovery Ways Will Soon Be in the Tricare Network

Recovery Ways is excited to announce we are going in-network with Tricare. This means that our intensive outpatient program, or IOP, as well as our partial hospitalization program, or PHP, will be covered as in-network for patients with Tricare. Tricare is a program that covers the civilian healthcare component of the US Department of Defense… Continue Reading Recovery Ways Will Soon Be in the Tricare Network

A man smooths his hair back and wonders how does leaving your comfort zone improve addiction recovery

How Does Leaving Your Comfort Zone Improve Addiction Recovery?

In some ways, addiction is all about comfort. Using a substance you’re addicted to relieves pain temporarily and staves off withdrawal. It’s a safe little refuge from uncomfortable feelings. Having your habits and rituals built around addiction is predictable. Unfortunately, comfort is not the same as happiness. In fact, comfort can make you miserable. What’s… Continue Reading How Does Leaving Your Comfort Zone Improve Addiction Recovery?