Detox from Cocaine

pensive man wearing hoodie sitting on a couch with lines of coke on a glass table, cocaine detox program in UTSince cocaine affects the release of dopamine the brain is unable to produce that chemical on its own which makes the addict unable to feel “happy.” When a user stops using cocaine they do not have any severe physical symptoms but they may feel fatigued and depressed. Withdrawal symptoms can start within hours of the last use.The cravings, anxiety, and depression symptoms are the hardest for addicts to overcome. Here at Recovery Ways we have medical professionals who if need be can prescribe the right medications to make these symptoms less severe, treatments, and support to help them fight the cravings and maintain a healthy sober life. The best treatment for cocaine abuse is a behavioral therapy which is offered as well as individual, group, and family therapy. Recovery Ways offers many different treatment options and we also individualize our care for each patient.

We offer many different programs and treatment options for prescription drug addiction and abuse:

Physical Symptoms

Detoxing from cocaine can be debilitating and can start within hours of the last use. Most users will “crash(sleep)” for several days. The physical symptoms are not the major concern when it comes to cocaine withdrawal but Recovery Ways can still help make the patient feel more comfortable physically during this time.

Symptoms include the following:
  • Increased Appetite
  • Insomnia
  • List 3
  • Nausea

Are you experiencing cocaine withdrawals and need detox?

We offer a state of the art, medically managed and supervised cocaine detox center. Contact our admissions coordinators to verify your insurance and place you or your loved one in the safest detox available.

To talk to our admissions coordinators please call 888.986.7848

Psychological Symptoms

Since cocaine affects the dopamine chemical in the brain most addicts when withdrawing will feel severe depression and be easily agitated or irritable. Recovery Ways can help with the psychological symptoms with medications, support, and therapy. With our individualized treatment plans, we can find what works best for the patient.

Psychological symptoms include:
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Cravings
  • Nightmares
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Mood swings
  • Agitation

Abuse/Addiction Potential

Cocaine and especially crack cocaine are addictive substances because they affect the dopamine production in the brain making users feel “happy” and after extended use can even rewire the brain to “need” cocaine. Crack cocaine can make a user addicted after just one or two uses.

Long-Term Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Cocaine withdrawal can last for months even after the body is clean from the toxin. Since cocaine affects the brain the brain may still crave cocaine and the patient may get some anxiety but with help from Recovery Ways staff, the patient will know how to handle these cravings and be able to maintain a healthy and sober life with the tools they have learned at our center.

Managing Withdrawal at Cocaine Detox Center

If you or a loved one need help to detox from cocaine or crack cocaine, Recovery Ways offers a medical detox to help make sure the withdrawal process is completed in a healthy way. Our Master level clinicians offer support, therapy, and even medications to ease the depression and anxiety that may occur during this time. We work closely with patients to make sure they are as comfortable as possible during their detox and that they remain healthy.

Are you in need of cocaine detox?

If so, Recovery Ways offers a concierge style detox that is medically managed and highly successful. Our admissions specialist are here to listen and make sure you receive the best detox available to help beat cocaine addiction. Contact our admissions coordinators to reserve your space today.

To start the admission process contact us here or call 888.986.7848.