Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment Options

As patients progress through their program at Recovery Ways, they will experience several phases of treatment ranging from medical stabilization to education to relapse prevention. Our patients are highly involved in the development and implementation of their treatment plans in each phase under the guidance of our highly specialized multidisciplinary treatment team.

Inpatient Residential Rehab

A doctor holds up a bottle of prescription medications as he explains why his patient may need a prescription drug addiction treatment program in UTOur residential treatment center offers 24-hour monitoring and support with residential living quarters and daily meals prepared by our in-house chefs. Patients receive more intensive individual and group counseling. It is a highly structured program with a minimum of 8 hours daily. It is not only about patients getting away from stressors but learning to take control and responsibility for their life. We focus on the treatment of the whole person, not just one condition. We know that Dual Diagnosis Treatment is most beneficial, addressing the psychiatric disorders as well as the addiction disorder. This integrated treatment helps you gain more than you ever thought was possible and improve your way of life.

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We offer many different levels of care for those suffering with a prescription medication addiction:

Intensive Outpatient Therapy

Our intensive outpatient program is an individualized program that can work around your daily career. This program empowers patients to function independently and responsibly while preparing them for the community with skills and abilities to lead successful lives.

IOP or intensive outpatient is a great way to receive quality treatment but on your schedule. Life and work can be hectic and require a lot of time and focus. This is why intensive outpatient addiction may be perfect for someone who cannot commit to attending an inpatient program for 30, 60, or 90 days. Your personal heath and recovery are very important, and you should not jeopardize it if time feels like a constraint. If you are healthy, happy, and free from prescription pill addiction your life will be fuller with more time and energy to spend with your family and loved ones.

Intensive outpatient treatment for a prescription pill addiction may include 12-step group meetings, private therapy sessions with a pre-determined therapist, family integration sessions and possibly sensory integration and occupational therapy.

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If so, Recovery Ways can help. We offer dual-diagnosis addiction treatment for those with substance and/or mental health issues. Contact our coordinators to start the admissions process now.

Partial Day Treatment

This treatment provides substance abuse and mental health services in the context of our treatment environment. These services build on strengths and address problems associated with the complex conditions of each individual and their family. PHP is an excellent prescription drug addiction treatment option for someone in need of structured daily programming but is not able to fully commit to an inpatient or residential environment.

Is There a Cure for Prescription Drug Addiction?

Addiction is a lifelong illness. With that being said, the right treatment, lifestyle changes, and support from family and friends, can make it much easier to deal with. We have an aftercare and alumni programs that help patients create and maintain a lifestyle that supports sobriety based on the individual needs. They help develop a strong community –based support, which is essential to maintain freedom from addiction.

Tips to Prevent Prescription Drug Relapse

Prescription drug addicts need to make life changes to avoid the triggers that cause them to use before and here at Recovery Ways we help them accomplish this and maintain a life of sobriety. Our aftercare and alumni programs help patients with their future care and way of life. We also provide workshops and seminars with relapse prevention techniques. We help our patients find new activities and hobbies to stay busy and teach them how to take care of their bodies with nutrition, fitness, and other mood and energy enhancing activities. We also help them with any co-occurring disorders that may have led to or been a result of the addiction.

Residential addiction treatment can help aid in recovery.

Getting Help for Prescription Drug Addiction in Utah

Two women smile at each other as they discuss a prescription drug addiction treatment program in UTRecovery Ways is experienced in providing opioid addiction treatment to patients of all ages and backgrounds throughout Salt Lake City, Utah. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care and treatment.  Our Treatment Center for Drug and Alcohol addictions is “Gold Seal” accredited through The Joint Commission. Recovery Ways is licensed by the State of Utah for drug addiction, drug treatment, alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehab levels of treatment with intensive inpatient residential drug and alcohol rehab, intensive outpatient therapy and aftercare programs. Please contact us today to discuss a treatment program for recovery from addiction for you or your loved one.

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