Partial Day Treatment/Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

a woman talking to her doctor about possible partial day treatment program Partial Day Treatment at Recovery Ways offers the most structure and care in the outpatient setting. We provide substance abuse and mental health services in the context of our treatment environment. Our skilled and dedicated professionals create structure and a caring treatment environment. Patients are able to attend treatment during the day and then return home in the evenings to practice the skills they are learning. Treatment includes a variety of evidence-based services that build on strengths and address problems associated with the complex conditions of each individual and their family. We provide support to patients and families and help develop a plan for time off campus. We work as a team with patients and families to provide support during Day Treatment and a plan for time off campus to maintain sobriety.

Recovery Ways’ clinical team designs a strengths-based, individualized, treatment plan which addresses both substance abuse and mental health needs. During Day Treatment, patients engage in groups based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Sensory Integration, Recreational Therapy, individual, group and family therapy. Patients build skills in areas such as relapse prevention, life skills, spiritual well-being, healthy boundaries, communication, managing grief and trauma, coping skills to manage difficult emotions, mindfulness and meditation, etc.

Patients in Day Treatment are tested for drugs and alcohol regularly during treatment. We set strict parameters for what items patients are able to bring into the treatment milieu and they are held to healthy boundaries and expectations in terms of relationships and behaviors while on campus. The treatment team works with patients to identify key areas of strength as well as those areas which will become the focus of growth and healing. Our approach is a collaborative effort that empowers our patients to heal and helps them develop the necessary tools to live healthy, successful, productive lives and maintain a new sober lifestyle.

Ready for addiction treatment?

Partial day treatment is a way for patients to gain more real sober life experience in their community outside of the round-the-clock care of the residential inpatient treatment. Patients in PHP use their family and outside support groups more than those in the residential programs but still have access to the more intense therapies and lessons.

To treat addiction and other substance abuse issues, Recovery Ways offers the following programs alongside PHP rehab:

Individualized Program

A licensed therapist will perform a full assessment and help you design an individual program to fit your particular addiction needs. While you may think that a partial day program is where you want to start the best way to know is through this assessment. Patients who have a history of relapse, a destructive home environment, small to no support group, or are dangerous to themselves or others should not consider this program as a primary treatment plan. Those addicted to substances such as heroin or other opioids tend to do better when they start with an inpatient residential program. Recovery Ways will always work with patients but ultimately our commitment is to you and your sobriety and if this is not the right program we will let you know. We will help establish a plan with defined milestones to help patients measure their success and stay motivated. Those who are determined and serious about their sobriety but still have daily responsibilities and want to be with their families at home are may be fit for this program. Even through our partial hospitalization program, we promote support, education, and counseling for all patients. The amount of time, people stay in this program, depends on where they are at in their recovery, what kind of drug(s) they were abusing, how severe their addiction was, and some other factors.

Outpatient Goals

While patients participate in our Partial Day Treatment Program there are a few goals that we want to be sure they meet as well as some of the personal goals they may set up with their therapists when entering into this program. Achieving these and their personal goals allow for a sense of accomplishment and added motivation to continue on this path of sobriety.

  • Interrupt the self-destructive pattern of alcohol and drug dependency
  • Assess, address and begin to correct the harm to health and emotional well-being
  • Help you understand chemical dependency and relapse prevention skills
  • Assist you to improve your relationships and communication skills
    Introduce you and your family to community 12- step & other treatment programs

Continued Support

The therapists at Recovery Ways are also available for a telephone consultation to assist you with day-to-day problems that may arise while you are home and away from the facilities. The Partial Day Treatment program will be followed by our Intensive Outpatient Program and then Aftercare and Alumni Programs to ensure that your success continues into the future. These programs will offer you continued support and understanding as well as new opportunities and new sober activities. Your decision to commit to a life free of substance abuse is significant. Our commitment is to help you achieve this goal.

How Admission Works

If you feel like you or your loved one could benefit from partial-day PHP rehab, please contact us immediately. Drug addiction and mental health issues are very serious but help is available. Our admissions coordinators can help you determine the course of action and even review your insurance to find out if they will cover the cost of rehab. Call 1-888-986-7848 or contact us here.

At Recovery Ways we have over a decade of experience helping those who are struggling with mental health and substance use related issues.  We offer a wide range of services including Detox, Residential Treatment, PHP, and IOP therapy to help those in need.  Please contact us today if we can be of assistance in getting your life unstuck and back to finding more purpose and joy.  We accept most major insurances.