Detox and Withdrawal from Prescription Drugs

a man passed out after taking medicine while his family looks for a prescription drug detox program The amount of time withdrawal from prescription drugs will last depends on how long the user has been taking the drug, how much of the drug, and how they took it. After only a few hours or days they may start to feel the beginning stages of withdrawal which will last a few days. They may have trouble concentrating, drug cravings, mood swings, diarrhea, vomiting, muscle spasms, hallucinations, and even seizures. This can last for a couple weeks to several months. The support from the Master level clinicians at Recovery Ways will aid in the withdrawal process and help them overcome the drug cravings so that they do not relapse during this time. They will also be able to help them with any co-occurring disorders or any resulting anxiety or depression.

Detox from these drugs shouldn’t be conducted alone or without medical supervision because of the difficult withdrawal symptoms that can be life-threatening. Another reason to be medically supervised is because of the overwhelming cravings the user will feel during this time can cause them to relapse and even overdose.

Are you battling a prescription drug addiction and need detox?

Our premier prescription drug detox facility is medically supervised, comfortable and compassionate. If you are in need of detox, please contact our team to review your insurance and start the admission process.

Physical Symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms from prescription drugs can be very severe depending on the amount of time the addict was using them, how they were using them, and how much they were using. The symptoms will vary depending on which prescription drug was being abused. See the Opioid page or the Benzodiazepine page for more specific symptoms.

  • Nausea, vomiting & Insomnia
  • Increased temperature and blood pressure
  • Muscle, bone pain & Cramping
  • Seizures

Psychological Symptoms

Since prescribed drugs affect the chemical production and receptors in the brain there are many psychological symptoms that can occur that make a medical detox very important in the health and safety of the patient. The symptoms will vary depending on which prescription drug was being abused. See the Opioid page or the Benzodiazepine page for more specific symptoms.

  • Depression
  • Disorientation
  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety

Abuse/Addiction Potential

All of these prescription drugs are addictive and users are prone to overdose. Opioids are some of the most addictive prescribed drugs which is why they are usually not prescribed for long periods of time, however, addictions can happen and overdose is likely. Depressants are also very addictive and are often prescribed for short periods of time and at low doses but tolerance does happen. Stimulants and antidepressants are also addictive and again a tolerance can increase chances of addiction. Sometimes it is hard to notice a loved one’s or your own addiction to these drugs because they are prescribed but it is a very real problem.

Long-Term Prescription Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Many people who abuse prescription drugs were originally prescribed the drug for a particular reason. Just because they have detoxed doesn’t necessarily mean that reason went away. Recovery Ways looks at these co-occurring disorders and helps patients find new medications or new ways of dealing with the original reason for the prescribed medication. The patient may still have cravings for the drug or the effects of the drug long after detox but with our help they can manage their cravings and keep control of their life with the tools and support they get at Recovery Ways.

Managing Withdrawal at a Prescription Drug Detox Center

Withdrawing from any prescription drug addiction can be severe and dangerous. Depending on which drugs were abused the user will receive other medications or help with the symptoms that arise during their detox at Recovery Ways. Medical detox is the safest and healthiest option for withdrawal from any prescription drugs. Some patients cannot simply quit taking the drug but instead have to be weaned off it under supervision to make sure they do not harm themselves. Recovery Ways clinicians keep patients as comfortable as possible and make sure they remain safe and healthy throughout the process.

Do you need detox for a prescription drug addiction?

Prescription drug addiction affects millions of people and effective treatment starts with detox. If you or a loved one have been abusing prescription drugs, the admissions coordinators at Recovery Ways can help show you the best, available options. Call our admission team and we can review your insurance policy to find out if it will cover the costs associated with treatment.

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