Signs & Symptoms of Marijuana Abuse

Warning signs and symptoms of an addiction to marijuana.

Signs of Marijuana Use

Marijuana is usually smoked but as it has become more and more popular there are new ways to use the drug more readily available. When it is smoked it can be rolled into a “joint,” similar to how tobacco is in a cigarette, some users make “blunts” by opening up cigars, taking out the tobacco, and replacing it with marijuana. Joints and blunts can also be laced with other drugs such as PCP or cocaine. There are also pipes sometimes called “pieces” that users can smoke it out of and bongs. It can also be mixed with food to create edibles  such as hard candies, cookies, brownies, candy bars, or brewed as a tea. Hashish or hash can be found in flat cakes, amber or brown oil in small glass bottles.

Abuse signs and marijuana addiction symptoms.

Medical detox plays a large role in successful addiction treatment.

Short Term Effects

  • reduced anxiety (not all users), lack of motivation, sleepiness
  • panic attacks or anxiety (not all users)
  • feelings of happiness
  • bloodshot eyes
  • mild hallucinations, disorientation, slow reaction time, poor coordination
  • increased appetite and heart rate
  • lung damage
  • sore throats, chest colds
  • sperm deformity, sterility in men
  • upset menstrual cycle in women

More information on marijuana addiction treatment and detox.

Are you or someone you love showing symptoms of marijuana abuse?

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To treat marijuana abuse symptoms, we offer the following programs to help with addiction issues:

Long Term Effects

  • mood changes, lack of motivation
  • lung damage, bronchitis
  • sperm deformity, sterility in men
  • reduced ability to learn and retain information
  • reduced sexual capacity
  • suppression of the immune system, growth disorders, abnormal cell structures

As the view of marijuana use changes in our society and culture, it still does not discount the negative medical signs and symptoms. The symptoms can affect a person’s physical and emotional health, social interactions and even affect their financial well being. If these symptoms are becoming an issue, marijuana addiction treatment may be necessary.

Are you in need of marijuana addiction treatment?

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