Recovery Ways is honored to be part of your recovery journey. You are about to embark on a process that can change your life and of those around you. We believe you are capable of recovery and growth. We will support you every step of the way.

As you prepare to enter treatment many questions can come up. Below are resources to help address those questions. After admission you will receive an additional orientation to help you become familiar with the facility, community, staff and expectations.


What to pack for treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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FAQ – Travel

Q: If I’m traveling, what is the process?
A: Once travel is confirmed; a Recovery Ways employee will greet you in baggage claim at the time of arrival and transport you to the designated facility.


FAQ – Insurance/Length of Stay/Financial

Q: How long will I be there?
A: Each Client’s treatment needs are different. Every Client will go through an initial assessment with our Medical and Clinical Teams to determine their individual treatment plan with specific goals. If a Client is using health insurance to cover the cost of treatment, our team will advocate at each review the recommendations based on medical necessity criteria to support the Client. Recovery Ways offers a full continuum of care from medical detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient. We believe the longer a Client is engaged in treatment the more likely they are to be successful long term. There is no set amount of time at each level of care. Our clinical recommendation is 30 days of Residential and partial hospitalization. The Treatment Team will work with the Client, identified persons of support and insurance to meet an individual’s goals. Clients should plan on stepping down in care with us as they receive treatment to reduce symptoms associated with substance abuse and mental health concerns.


Q: How much will this cost?
A: If a client is using health insurance to cover treatment, they will typically have an out of pocket amount they have contracted with their insurance (Patient Responsibility). Before admission, we will discuss with you the amount specific to your insurance plan. We can assess options to meet your financial needs. If a Client is privately paying, we will go over the plan for coverage and what is included in this agreement.


FAQ – Arrival

Q: What happens when I first arrive?
A: Upon admission each Client will go through a medical clearance process with our medical team to determine if medical detox is needed. Patients will go through a change out process and property search with staff. We are trauma informed and mindful of each patient in an effort to support any medical needs and safety of the patient or community.  Simultaneously you will complete paperwork with our intake team to allow us to provide services to you.


Q: Do I have any restrictions when I first arrive?
A: Depending on the level of care you admit to, there is typically an assessment period that can last 24-72 hours to help our team understand your needs and clear you to participate in treatment that may occur outside of the facility.


We do not allow weapons of any kind so they must not be left at home. Patients that may be under a sharp’s restriction due to self-harm concerns should not bring in anything that can be used to self-injure.


FAQ – Communication

Q: Can I use my cell phone while in treatment?
A: Upon arrival you will check your cell phone and electronic devices in. These will be kept in our safe. Recovery Ways provides a phone system that you can use free of charge to make calls. Clients have approval for 20 minutes of daily phone calls during designated times on our land line system free of charge. Depending on the enrolled program or clinical direction, phone usage may be less. Clients can receive messages at the facility and return calls at designated phone times. In some circumstances, a client may work with their therapist or case manager for supervised access to their cell phone.  Clients also can typically access their phone family visit times.  Cell phone and electronic use will be allowed in our PHP program outside of regularly scheduled clinical hours.



Q: Can I bring my laptop/electronics?
A: Recovery Ways provides a computer at each level of care to be able to login for communication, taking care of financial responsibilities and discharge planning. Clients will work with their therapist to determine access for this on a limited basis. iPods or MP3 players can be used at certain times but cannot have the ability to connect to the internet or take pictures.


FAQ – Visiting/Family Program

Q: Can I have visitors?
A: Visiting hours will be held on Sunday in the afternoon. Updated visitation protocols and direction will be provided during the current pandemic for approved visitors as determined by the clinical team after admitting. Our protocol will be emailed to approved visitors for clarification at that time.  Visitors are not typically approved until after 5 days of enrollment in the program.  There are limitations to the total number of visitors at a time. Care packages can be brought before or after visitation but not during this time. Home made goods are not allowed.


Q: How can the family be helped?
A: Recovery Ways offers online support for families (identified persons of support) to educate and receive support through our Family Program. Our Family Program Team will contact your family within the first seven days of treatment to begin these support services. We offer family workshops every other week on Monday & Tuesday at the facility or online to participate in with approved family members. This will typically happen a few weeks into treatment after the identified parties have had time to make plans and coordinate their schedule.


FAQ – Facilities/Day to Day/Schedule

Please visit our site to see pictures of our facilities and to see a sample schedule for our residential program. Individual therapy, psychiatry, case management and occupational therapy are scheduled with each Client according to their needs and in addition to the sample schedule.


Q: How many people are at your facility?
A: Each facility at Recovery Ways serves a different level of care and has different purposes. We work hard to offer individualized treatment with case loads for our therapists, medical team and case managers.


Q: How many people are in your groups?
A: Groups offered throughout each day can vary in size. Process groups that are offered a few times a week are typically smaller in size. Our psycho-educational & experiential classes are all held together with the entire group in the milieu. These types of classes are held more frequently on the schedule.  All groups at Recovery Ways are mandatory.  To focus on your recovery and growth, we expect you to attend everything to maximize your potential.


Q: Can I have my own room?
A: In residential treatment, each room can be shared with one other individual. Depending on the number of clients we have in care, we will work to help you have your individual space and will not have more than two people in each room. Each room has a private bathroom and ample closet space.


Q: Can I smoke?
A: Recovery Ways does allow tobacco use in accordance with Federal Law, whereas clients age 21 or older are able to use tobacco products at our facility on designated breaks throughout the day. Vaping is allowed for clients age 21 and older. Facility chosen products and cartridges will be used at cost for the client. No outside products or cartridges will be allowed. Recovery Ways will work with clients on smoking cessation while you are with us if desired.  No vaping is allowed in the facility.


Q: Can I place orders for hygiene or outside food/drinks?

A: Clients are allowed order these items on a needed basis. Any orders placed online must be reviewed and submitted prior to the designated ordering days. There are 2 order days during the week and items will be handed out at designated times.


Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Recovery Ways does have a dress code that promotes both healthy boundaries and self-expression. Please Dress for Healing. We do not allow: backless shirts, low cut, midriffs, spaghetti straps, miniskirts, or short shorts.


Q: Is your facility co-ed?

A: Our facility treats both male/female as well as being gender affirming.


Please work with your Admission Counselor to address any additional questions or concerns.

We look forward to your arrival!


The Recovery Ways Team



Please work with your Admission Counselor to address any additional questions or concerns.

We look forward to your arrival!

The Recovery Ways Team

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