What is treatment like at Recovery Ways

Recovery Ways is a place of healing, of hope, and of change. When you arrive you will be met by smiling faces, many of which that have been exactly where you are. These smiling faces will become your new sober support network and give you reasons to live your life happy and drug-free. Addiction rehab at Recovery Ways is effective, affordable and can be the catalyst which propels you or your loved one into a life of recovery. When you’re here you will find your way, and when you’ve found your way you’ll find your recovery.

The First Call

Addiction treatment at Recovery Ways begins with a phone call. Our admissions coordinators are here to listen to your personal and unique story, then find the best route to get you into treatment and help you begin a new life. On this phone call, the admission coordinator will learn about your struggles, come up with a plan of action, and help you review your benefits. Our team will have a look at your insurance policy and find out if it will cover any of the costs associated with addiction treatment. If you’re calling for a loved one, we can recommend the top of the line interventionists and start from there. Our goal is to make sure that you receive the best drug rehab services possible.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

The programming offered at Recovery Ways not only treats addiction, it also treats any associated mental health issues. This is the basis for us providing top-notch and effective addiction rehab service. Recovery Ways provides a holistic approach with dual-diagnosis treatment, treating the entire person: mind, body, and spirit. Treatment will consist of a mixture of 12-step based group therapy, private sessions, family integration, occupational and experiential therapy.

Location & Accommodations

Recovery Ways has four locations in the Salt Lake City area. These four locations differ slightly in program offerings but still maintain the highest levels of quality service. Depending on the level of care necessary, we offer a multitude of different options for treatment: concierge-style inpatient detox, a residential 30-90 day program, sober living, PHP and intensive outpatient. Most patients utilize more than one of theses programs to maximize the treatment at Recovery Ways. Our location gives us access to some of the most beautiful and healing country in the nation. We are extremely close to world-class ski slopes, rock climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities that give us the opportunity to provide exceptional experiential addiction treatment and sober recreation therapy.

All of our patient rooms and common areas are designed with healing and comfort in mind. You should be focused on recovery, not on an uncomfortable living space. We also offer chef-prepared meals three times a day. If you have health and/or allergic concerns we will gladly accommodate.

Aftercare & Alumni

Once you or a loved one completes inpatient, PHP or sober living treatment your aftercare will begin. Recovery Ways provides many different options to keep you engaged and active in your new life of recovery. We offer intensive outpatient treatment and can help you find additional outpatient services if you leave the Salt Lake City area. Recovery Ways also provides Telehealth and virtual outpatient for those who need treatment, but live in locations where access is limited.

The best way to remain sober after treatment is to be a part of a sober community. Recovery Ways offers a fantastic alumni program where you can build your sober network and stay actively engaged in your sobriety. This group is active on social media and has multiple outings and reunions through the year.

Staying Connected at Recovery Ways

Whether you’re the one attending treatment, or you have a loved one in Recovery Ways, staying connected is vital to our recovery process. Keeping our patients linked with their families is very important, and we offer multiple ways that you can stay in touch with each other during rehab.

Contact With Clinicians

If you have a loved one in treatment at Recovery Ways, your main point of contact will be your loved one’s designated therapist. You can receive consistent updates on your loved one’s progress, the status of personal health, and schedule your family sessions to build and strengthen any strained relationships. The family program is a vital piece of a successful recovery plan where both you and your loved one can learn about the disease of addiction. To find out the designated times for communications please contact your loved one’s specified therapist.

Personal Patient Access Code

Upon admission, you or your loved will receive a personal access code for communication. This is a security measure for all our patients to maintain privacy and safety. To contact your loved ones at Recovery Ways simply call the location where they’re residing and provide the unique patient access code.

Access to Phone & Internet

Upon assessment and review, some of our patients are allowed supervised access to phones and internet. Depending on the level of care they are receiving, this access can range from zero to supervised, to completely independent in regards to our sober living facility.

Our Locations

If you have a family member or a loved one receiving addiction treatment at Recovery Ways and you would like to contact them directly, please refer to the location where they are staying. We have four separate locations in the Salt Lake City area, all of which provide varying levels of care. If you are unsure of how to reach your loved one please call our admissions line at 888.986.7848.