Holistic Care at Recovery Ways

stacked stones to represent holistic care program UTRecovery Ways offers a holistic treatment approach to addiction. This means that we focus on the whole person, not just the addiction. We work to achieve a healthier balance between mind, body, and spirit through the holistic care program in UT. Many people who suffer from addiction also suffer from co-occurring disorders and unhealthy lifestyle choices. There are many ways that Recovery Ways implements this holistic approach. Some of the ways include 12-Step Facilitation, Recreational Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacotherapy, relapse prevention, spiritual and religious growth, and integration back in the community, family therapy, and individual therapy in Utah. We offer healthy food in our facilities and talk about the importance of a healthy diet as well as using exercise and fitness as a tool to stay healthy and avoid relapse. We practice meditation, yoga, and other de-stressing methods. The holistic care program is very personalized and patient-centered giving them more control and involvement in their treatment plan. Patients are taught the importance of sleep, diet, exercise, spirituality, therapy, and how they all affect recovery. Patients will be able to identify the causes of their addiction, learn to resist cravings, increase their self-confidence, increase their physical fitness, and overall reducing the appeal of alcohol or drugs.


Many addicts also suffer from one or more co-occurring disorder which led to or were caused by the drug use. By treating the co-occurring disorder alongside the addiction the patient understands and learns how to deal with any mood or personality disorders they may have. All patients learn about stressors and triggers for them and how to cope with them in a healthy way. Our individual, group and family participation therapies in Utah offer patients a chance to understand themselves and others better. We teach patients way to deal with their pain, agitation, anxiety, sadness, tiredness, and stressors with our sensory integration therapy, yoga, meditation, and other practices. We uncover what led to the addiction in the first place and help them re-learn how to think about life challenges. Our group therapy and family therapies allow them to work on their communication skills, problem-solving and listening.


Drug and alcohol abuse take a great toll on the body. Sometimes the damage done cannot be repaired but with a holistic approach, Recovery Ways teaches patients the importance of the body and healthy living. Introducing healthy foods to the patients and teaching them proper nutrition and the importance of it, helps patients understand the effect it has on them and their lives. We offer healthy food options for breakfast, lunch,dinner, and snacks . In company with the daily exercise the patients participate in, they start to see the importance of a healthy body. Implementing an exercise routine can reduce stress and boredom while strengthening the body and releasing endorphins to make patients feel better. We also use recreational therapy to that focuses on leisure education, building healthy relationships, creating trust in oneself and others, building competence, reliability, independence, enjoyment of sober fun, experiencing life, increasing one’s self-worth, and motivation. Exercise helps restore the brain and even increases nerve connections in the brain. With a steady exercise routine, the brain can be restored to a normal state.


Using stress relieving means such as yoga, meditation, or spiritual instruction can help them remember to slow down and be aware of their surroundings and react to them in a healthy way. We use the 12-step program and other treatment programs which demonstrate the importance of the spiritual self in major life change. We offer spiritual and religious services for our patients, yoga, and meditation.

Recovery Ways offers the following holistic drug rehab programs:

Why It Works

Treating patients with the holistic care program helps them find and maintain balance in all aspects of their life. It gives them many ways of dealing with stress and their addiction once they are starting their new sober life. It also helps improve mental and physical well-being and make them feel more in control of their own lives and learn to take responsibility for themselves. Treating the whole person reduces stress, boosts the entire immune system, all while helping them to maintain their health and heal quicker. By treating the mind, body, and spirit patients are able to reduce their stress, anxiety, tension, depression, and insomnia while improving their entire well-being and self-control. Many articles and research have been published that talk about the benefits of holistic therapies that help patients recover from their addictions. Patients feel calmer, more relaxed, more energetic, less depressed, and less pain. When patients leave Recovery Ways they are not only sober but because of our holistic care feel that they are more health-conscious, have changed their entire lifestyle, and have a more constructive way to manage stress and life challenges without drugs or alcohol.

Having a Holistic Drug Rehab Experience

If you are in need of a fully comprehensive holistic drug rehab experience, please contact Recovery Ways. We offer multiple levels care that, including concierge style detox, inpatient treatment, IOP, sober living and more. All of our programs are accredited and designed to treat the entire person. To speak with an admissions coordinator, contact us here or call 888.986.7848.