a man and woman drive down the road and think about healing our brokenness with self love

Healing our Brokenness with Self-Love

Learning to love ourselves unconditionally – through our addictions and depression, through all of our life challenges and obstacles – is one of the most important elements of recovery. Learning self-love is far from a quick fix. It is a lifelong process that involves unprogramming all of the limiting and self-disparaging beliefs we’ve adopted about… Continue Reading Healing our Brokenness with Self-Love

a woman holds a cup of coffee and thinks about self worth insecurity and addiction

Self-Worth, Insecurity and Addiction

When we’re struggling with addiction, depression and other mental health issues and co-occurring disorders, we have a tendency to lose our sense of self-worth. We minimize and even forget all of our wonderful qualities and focus instead on our mistakes, weaknesses and regrets. We don’t value ourselves, and we don’t believe we are of any… Continue Reading Self-Worth, Insecurity and Addiction