Virtual Addiction Treatment

Recovery Ways offers our patients the ability to receive substance abuse treatment from anywhere!

Addiction Telehealth & Virtual IOP Treatment

As people become more accustomed to the convenience of online commerce and keeping up with friends and family via social networking websites, interacting with a therapist online has evolved into a convenience that is expected. Mental Health and Substance Abuse TeleHealth is the use of telecommunication equipment to link mental health and substance abuse treatment and consumers in different locations. TeleHealth is not new and research has shown that TeleHealth therapy across the continuum of care is as effective as face-to-face intervention and a promising tool for substance abuse treatment and support.

Recovery Ways in Salt Lake City offers virtual IOP and addiction telehealth.

Who is virtual IOP right for?

Individuals that live in isolated areas without access to adequate addiction and or mental health services are perfect for the Recovery Ways Virtual IOP program. Out virtual outpatient is also an excellent option for business or working  professionals who are required to travel on a regular basis.

Using Technology to Heal Addiction

Recovery Ways TeleHealth is using new technology that allows patients to attend group and private sessions from anyplace with an internet connection and a private room….even when traveling. Recovery Ways TeleHealth technology allows for the provision of quality behavioral health services, including interactive consultation between our patients and our professionals, assessments, pharmacological management, clinical counseling and consumer screening, with greater access and frequency.

Included in the cost of treatment is an iPad we will provide you. This will make the virtual therapy more effective and engaging.

Virtual Outpatient Curriculum

All Curriculum is built and designed to help clients become “intentional” instead of “reacting” to life’s events. Being intentional changes addictive behaviors and propels clients forward into life with stronger skills to help change behaviors. Intentional Life Skills become paramount to success after discharge from a residential treatment setting.


Recovery topics are based on the Matrix® Method, endorsed by SAMSHA and empirically validated. Intentional Life SkillTM has been adapted from the Intentional Achievements® program with roots in corporate training for over 30 years. Recovery Ways TeleHealth Program has achieved the Joint Commission’s gold seal of approval, which means that Recovery Ways willingly puts patient’s health and safety first by adhering to the Joint Commission’s high standards of care.

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