Sober Living in Utah

Recover from addiction and mental health issues with personal independence.

Sober Living in Utah

Sober living, or as Recovery Ways has named it ‘Recovery Residences’, offers those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol the ability to seek treatment and recovery with a sense of personal independence. Our sober living in Utah, more specifically near Salt Lake City, allows our patients the same level of quality addiction treatment, access to amenities, and quality room and board that our residential and PHP addiction programs offer.

How Sober Living Works

When a patient arrives at the Recovery Ways sober living facility they have been medically and mentally assessed for such a living condition. A certain amount of daily, pre-planned therapy will be treatment is required during the stay. This treatment may include 12-step group sessions, one-on-one individual therapy, sober recreation therapy, occupational therapy and even sensory integration. During a stay at our sober living in Salt Lake City all patients are required to stay sober and are given plenty of support to do so.

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Addiction Treatment Options

The Recovery Ways sober living in Utah offers the same high level of care and treatment options as our residential and PHP rehab centers. Here are a few options as to what you may experience for daily programming:

  • 12-step based group therapy sessions guided by a trained clinician.
  • Personal one-on-one therapy sessions to address more complex issues associated with addiction and other co-occurring disorders.
  • Occupational therapy that provides life skills for an easier transition back into everyday life
  • Sensory integration if yourself or the patient is suffering chronic pain and/or trauma-induced mental health issues.
  • Sober recreation therapy will show patients how to have sober fun and build self-confidence.

Addiction Free Independence

Sober living gives people the opportunity to transition back into everyday life with both life and job skills. Upon clinical and/or medical approval, patients are allowed vehicles and communication devices as it pertains to their growth in recovery. Many of our residences who attend our sober living in Utah maintain solid jobs around their living and treatment at our sober living facility. This empowers them to continue their recovery and shows that a happy and productive life can be had without the aid of drugs or alcohol.

Comfortable Accommodations

Our sober living in Salt Lake City was constructed under 6 years ago and maintains both modern feel and modern amenities. You should be focusing on recovery and healing your addictions, not on how clean or comfortable your room is. They are set-up in a suite fashion with 2-3 bedrooms adjoining a common living area, an inviting dining area perfect for fellowship and full kitchen. We also take great pride in decorating our residences. Our facility should feel like a second home to our patients.

Take a virtual tour of the facility and learn more about our Chatham Place location, where are our sober living program is housed.

Are you ready to attend sober living in Utah?

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