Covid Updates

Most Recent Covid Update For Recovery Ways

Thank you for considering Recovery Ways to address your behavioral health and substance abuse needs. We understand the issues you are going through and want to extend our support in this extraordinary time we are all experiencing.  We have observed that the challenges of living through a global pandemic, and the personal, financial and professional stress associated with that experience, have caused many people who have struggled with mental health and substance abuse issues to seek care and support for those issues.  We are here to help and support you.  As a recognized Center of Excellence (we hold Platinum Preferred provider status with Optum, the country’s largest health insurance company) we are uniquely qualified to provide the comprehensive, integrated healthcare you need to address your needs and move forward with your life.

Our professional, medical, clinical staff have collaborated to provide a safe and secure environment to support your treatment which addresses the unique challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Recovery Ways has implemented a comprehensive set of steps and operating practices to reduce the risks created by the corona virus while being able to keep serving clients that desperately need help. We are grateful that our facilities were set up to be able to allow us to do this with our clinical and medical teams. Although we cannot reduce the risk to zero here are the steps, we have implemented to support our clients and staff:

  • Pre-admission testing is mandatory for all clients enrolling in our onsite programs and there are several testing options that we can provide for your convenience:
  • Recovery Ways partnered with the Utah Department of Health to offer the Covid vaccine to staff. We have vaccinated over 95% of our staff as essential health care workers to provide a safe and secure environment
  • Vaccines are available to patients upon request at our facility
  • Working with community partner providers and agencies to provide priority test
  • Masking is highly recommended at all facilities where social distancing cannot occur. This will be required if the medical leadership team deems appropriate.
  • Regular testing if staff or clients are symptomatic
  • If staff are symptomatic, they are required to stay home or work remotely
  • Symptomatic clients are isolated in their rooms and taken for testing
  • When clients have tested positive they can be transferred to another facility with Recovery Ways where their symptoms can be monitored while in quarantine.
  • Follow all ongoing CDC and Utah Department of Health Guidelines

We hope this addresses any questions you may have.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns we have not addressed as we work to start your admissions process. We look forward to seeing you and are deeply committed to supporting your journey of recovery.