What to Bring to Treatment

Here's what you should bring to Recovery Ways for addiction rehab.

What to bring to treatment

At Recovery Ways, we provide our patients with an environment conducive to healing and recovery from addiction. With that in mind, we have approved the following items for your stay here. Please note that all items are subject to review by the Recovery Ways staff. If you have any questions about what is permitted, please feel free to reach out to our location staff or simply contact our admissions department at 1-888-986-7848.

Learn what bring to treatment for addiction rehab at Recovery Ways

What to bring

  • You may bring up to $50 cash with you. We have access to ATMʼs if more cash is needed.
  • Please bring a credit card that will be used for incidentals, supplements, medications and outside medical costs.
  • Comfortable clothing including work-out attire for cardio, yoga etc. (Shorts should be mid-thigh for both men and women).
  • A jacket/sweater for evening time and winter months; sneakers and other comfortable shoes.
  • A swimsuit and sun block for summer months (conservative one piece for women and mid thigh suit for men. Cover ups need to be worn at all times inside the treatment center).
  • Toiletries like soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, deodorant (non aerosol), feminine products, brush/comb, hair dryer, curling iron, shaving items (preferably electric). All toiletries must be in plastic containers.
  • Books must be novels or light reading; magazines of general interest are permitted.
  • Personal identification and insurance card.
  • Stationery, envelopes and stamps (No pens or pencils).
  • Personal CD or mp3 player with headphones – usage will be limited to therapeutic purposes and personal fitness time. Please label clearly with your name.

Need to speak with an admissions coordinator? Call: 1-888-986-7848

What to leave at home

The following items cannot be brought along for your stay at Recovery Ways Residential Treatment Center. All items are subject to review by the staff.

  • Camera/video recorder
  • Laptop computer
  • Television or DVD player
  • Cell phone
  • Valuables such as jewelry – Recovery Ways is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Food, snacks, gum, mints or beverages
  • Items containing alcohol such as mouthwash, perfume/cologne, aftershave etc.
  • Aerosol products
  • Alcohol and illegal substances
  • Firearms and weaponry
  • Revealing clothing or with explicit messages or photos
  • Hobby or arts and crafts materials
  • Sports equipment
  • Sexually explicit materials
Call is Private & Confidential: 1-888-986-7848