Learn how you or loved one can receive the best drug addiction treatment in Salt Lake City.

Admitting to Recovery Ways

At Recovery Ways, our helpline is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week by highly-trained admissions coordinators. Our coordinators understand what you or your loved one is going through and are ready to answer any questions you may have about our program or addiction treatment. We are here to listen to any of your concerns and recommend a course of action that works best for you and your specific needs. Admitting to Recovery Ways may be one of the best decisions you can make to try and live your live sober and drug-free. Recovery Ways is committed to providing the best possible drug and alcohol treatment program.

Admissions-Related Information:

How to get started.
The first thing you can do is call our admissions coordinators at 1-888-986-7848. This initial phone call covers fees, program structure and any other question you may have about residential or intensive outpatient treatment for drug & alcohol addiction. We then do an assessment and make financial arrangements, this takes approximately one hour.

Checking for medical stability.
Our staff has a 24-hour medical supervision team, however, in order to be admitted one must be medically cleared.

Making travel arrangements.
The staff at Recovery Ways can assist with travel arrangements, booking flights, hotels, and any other travel related needs. Travel is not a barrier to admitting to Recovery Ways. We want you to receive the best drug addiction treatment possible, regardless of location.

Meet with your admissions coordinator or ambassador.
When you arrive at Recovery Ways, you will meet with our admissions coordinator or ambassador. You will then fill out additional paperwork, meet our staff and receive a tour of our residential drug treatment facility.

Create your comprehensive assessment and individual recovery treatment plan

The Clinical Diagnostic Assessment we do, allows us to create an individualized recovery treatment plan. By assessing you individually, we can better assist you in the recovery process address both the physical and psychological aspects of your addiction.

If you're ready to start the admission process, contact us today.

Our admission coordinators are here to help you or loved one receive the highest quality addiction treatment available.

Free Private Consultation

Send us your information and one of our benefits specialists or admission coordinators will contact you and help determine if your insurance will cover treatment.

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Will my insurance cover the costs associated with addiction treatment?

Recovery Ways accepts most health insurance plans and we will work with you on the uncovered amounts. Families who do not have health insurance coverage for residential drug and alcohol rehab treatment can help self-fund their treatment. If you have private insurance and are not sure if it will cover the cost of drug rehab, we can help. Our admissions coordinators can review your benefits and find out if your insurance plan and provider will cover any costs associated with addiction treatment. Our goal is making the process seamless when you’re admitting to Recovery Ways and helping in any way possible.

Other forms of Payment

Sometimes insurance will only cover a small portion of the costs associated, and is some cases not at all. Some individuals may not have insurance coverage at all. Rest assured that Recovery Ways will still help you find treatment. Our admissions coordinators will walk you through alternate forms of securing treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Recovery Ways Treatment Center accept insurance?
Yes. Our drug treatment program does accept third party reimbursement. As an addiction treatment provider, we will contact the insurance carrier and provide you with accurate information pertaining to your coverage. We work with many national healthcare providers and our experienced staff takes the hassle out of insurance verification.

Does Recovery Ways offer payment plans?
Our drug addiction treatment program will accept a limited payment plan. This will depend on a number of factors that must be discussed with the financial department at the rehab center.

Can I pay for rehab with a credit card?
Yes, our drug and alcohol rehab center accepts most major credit cards.

Are smoking and tobacco use permitted in your rehab center?
As a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, the use of tobacco is discouraged. We will assist you with smoking cessation as a part of your rehab program. We do allow tobacco use during breaks in designated areas of our rehab center.

If I have special dietary needs can your treatment program accommodate me?
Prior to admission to Recovery Ways Residential Drug Treatment Center, please make us aware of your dietary needs and in most cases our nutritionist can accommodate you.

Are patients allowed access to phones and internet?
Once cleared by our staff and their specified therapists, patients are allowed designated time for phone and internet usage. This time is monitored and kept under constant supervision. If you would like to contact a patient at Recovery Ways, please call the number of their treatment location. You can find more information on our locations by clicking here.

Call is Private & Confidential: 1-888-986-7848