Sensory Integration Therapy

Recovery Ways’ Sensory Rooms provide an environment that nurtures the body and invites the person to engage in activities that help them to feel good and to focus on strengths, interests, and personal self-care. Recovery Ways has created a dedicated room that aids in the removal of stresses of the outside world. It is an artificially created space that brings together multi-sensory equipment in one place to stimulate or calm the senses. Our multi-sensory room offers a nurturing, patient-centered, sensory supportive, interdisciplinary treatment space. This room provides a specifically designed space that provides clients with additional options for recognizing and reducing their level of self-perceived distress and anxiety.

The Rooms

These specially designed sensory rooms, or Snoezelen rooms, offer a multiple of sensory stimulation for our patients to make them more comfortable as well as more aware of their body and their feelings. When patients feel stressed or upset about something they are used to using their substance to cope. These rooms teach them different ways to handle those feelings. Surrounded by comfortable seating, cushions, a swing, 65 different colored LED lights, calming imagery such as beaches and mountains, and music or sounds. All of these things help to make that patient feel calmer and able to explore their feelings of depression, anxiety, pain, and agitation. They have sensory stimulating things such as weighted blankets, pillows, and other comforting tools.

The Results

Our therapists use the time spent in the room to focus on the patients allowing them to choose the sounds they hear, images, and colors they see. Patients even describe the sensory therapy as fun and helpful. When patients enter the room they are asked to rate their pain, agitation, and anxiety level and then asked to do so again before they are finished. Between 58-62% of patients feel less agitated and less anxiety, 50% feel less pain, and 98% feel more calm. Teaching this therapy to patients while they go through treatment allows them to figure out and understand their stressors and gives them a healthy way of dealing with them and overall daily stress they may feel when beginning their new sober life.

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