Personalized Addiction Rehab

The dual-diagnosis treatment model Recovery Ways offers is designed to help reclaim your life from addiction and mental health issues but in a very personalized and unique way. No two people are alike, and they will each require very different needs when it comes to the treatment of drugs, alcohol or other substance abuse issues. Your treatment should be just as unique as you are. Recovery Ways makes addiction treatment personalized by offering different treatment programs and modalities. What works for someone else may not work for you, and we understand that.

What makes our addiction treatment so unique?

Our clinical team will work with you and your family to design an addiction treatment program that will help you live a life that is healthy and drug-free. Recovery Ways offers a multitude of substance abuse rehab options to successfully treat an array of co-occurring disorders, including medically supervised detox, inpatient treatment, PHP, and intensive outpatient. Recovery Ways also offers a unique substance abuse treatment options such as sober recreation therapy, occupational therapy and sensory integration.

Private Therapy Sessions

Depending on your substance abuse treatment program you may receive one, or multiple, private addiction therapy sessions a week. These sessions will be between you and your designated clinician only, using a 12-Step approach with additional CBT or DBT methods to properly treat addiction, as well as any co-occurring mental health issues. The individual therapy sessions are designed to help you or your loved one review their issues and learn to live a healthy life in recovery, free from drug or alcohol addiction.

Sober Recreation Therapy

Recovery Ways offers very distinct forms of substance abuse treatment and one of them is known as sober recreation therapy. Sober recreation therapy is conducted with a licensed recreation therapist who uses recreation activities of all kinds to bring about a positive change socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, or spiritually. This therapy helps build self-esteem in those who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, giving them the opportunity to interact positively with others and learn a new healthy and sober hobby that they can carry with them the rest of their lives. The location of Recovery Ways, in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, gives us the opportunity to let our patients explore the outdoors with activities such as hiking, rock climbing, biking and more.

Sensory Integration

Recovery Ways prides itself on providing a unique addiction rehab experience. One way we provide this is through our sensory integration program. Many of those individuals with co-occurring disorders can suffer debilitating side effects such as pain, anxiety or even aggression. Our sensory rooms offer a state-of-the-art environment using visual stimulus, sound, smell, and touch to help battle these issues and focus on healing.

Health & Fitness

Nutrition, health, and fitness are vital to a successful addiction recovery plan. This is why Recovery Ways in Salt Lake City offers chef prepared meals three times daily, as well as daily trips to our partnered fitness providers. Off-campus trips to the gym are supervised and reviewed to make sure patients are adequately equipped (both mentally & physically) to leave the inpatient facility.

Do you want your own, unique, addiction rehab experience?

If so, our admission coordinators are available 24/7 to accept your call, email or chat. We can review your insurance to find out if the cost of substance abuse treatment will be covered. If you or your loved one is in desperate need of drug or alcohol treatment, but you’re worried if they will receive the individualized care they deserve, Recovery Ways can help. Please contact us or call 888.986.7848.