Murray, Utah is a small town bordering the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City. It’s located minutes from the international airport and near the modern amenities and culture that Salt Lake City has to offer. Residents and visitors alike have a lot of choices when it comes to finding a Murray Utah drug rehab. While options are plentiful, it is important to find the addiction treatment facility that best fits your needs and offers treatment that can offer you or your loved one the best chance at sobriety, a full life in recovery, and long-term support and community.

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The first step in acquiring effective addiction treatment at a Murray Utah drug rehab is to learn to ask questions. When inquiring about a specific rehab program, no question is off limits and should be answered to the best of their abilities. This is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. It is extremely important that you find an addiction treatment facility that works best for you, in all aspects: financially, spiritually, ethically, and programmatically. Addiction treatment should be a unique experience, as addiction affects everyone differently. The most important thing is you find a place that heals the way you want to healed.

The second most important step to finding an effective Murray Utah drug rehab is determining if they offer the correct levels of care. This means that the drug rehab in question should offer more than just a medically assisted detox. As detox is the first step in a proper addiction treatment plan, it is important that you receive proper care for your unique situation. Recovery Ways, the premier Murray Utah drug rehab, offers a complete continuum of care from detox, residential, and PHP to sober living and intensive outpatient addiction treatment program. This will give you the best chance at sobriety as well as the support and care to keep you drug free.

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Drug Detox in Murray Utah

Addiction treatment begins with a successful drug detox. Before you begin your stay in Recovery Ways’ residential treatment or PHP addiction treatment programs, it is critical that drugs and other illicit substances are free from your body. For medically assisted detox in Murray Utah, Recovery Ways utilizes one of the top medical hospitals in the United States, the University Neuropsychiatric Institute at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, also known as UNI. UNI allows patients to withdrawal from drugs and alcohol in a safe environment, under the supervision of doctors and state licensed addictionologolists.

Recovery Ways also offers a point of contact through the detox process. This point of contact is known as the Recovery Ways ambassadors. These ambassadors will be with you every step of the way, offering a concierge style experience. Our ambassadors will make sure your arrival at detox is organized and professional. Any needs that arise in detox will be handled by our skilled ambassadors, as their first priority is making sure your stay in detox is focused on healing. When the detox process is complete and you’re ready to transition to residential drug rehab, our ambassadors will make sure the transition is smooth and seamless. Between the medical oversight and concierge experience, Recovery Ways offers an extremely effective and comfortable drug detox experience…the perfect beginning to a Murray Utah drug rehab program.

Levels of Drug Rehab Care

Recovery Ways, the premier Murray Utah drug rehab, offers a complete continuum of care. This means we provide all levels of care from detox to outpatient to make sure your addiction treatment experience is customized to your needs and that you receive the type of care that best supports your recovery.

Residential Treatment

During this phase of drug rehab patients will receive more intensive individual and group counseling sessions.

PHP Drug Rehab

Partial Day Treatment, or PHP, at Recovery Ways offers the most structure and care in the outpatient setting.

Intensive Outpatient

Our IOP provides empowers patients to function more independently and provide skills to lead successful lives.

Murray Utah Drug Rehab Programs

Finding the best Murray Utah drug rehab will greatly depend on the addiction treatment options available. Not everyone finds a traditional 12-step program alone effective. Not everyone will find meditative or mindfulness practices interesting. This is why Recovery Ways, the premier Murray Utah drug rehab, offers multiple addiction treatment programs and modalities. We offer occupational therapy, sensory integration, recreation therapy and more.

Sensory Integration

Recovery Ways sensory integration program provides our patients a space to engage in activities to make drug rehab and addiction treatment more accessible. This helps our patients to focus on their personal strengths and provides a solid foundation for self-care. Recovery Ways has created a dedicated room that aids in the removal of stresses of the outside world. It is an artificially created space that brings together multi-sensory equipment in one place to stimulate or calm the senses. The sensory rooms at Recovery Ways can help make drug rehab an easier process, providing an alternative approach to healing and recovery.

Recreation Therapy

Sober Recreation Therapy is a process where a nationally certified and state licensed Recreation Therapist uses recreation activities of all kinds to bring about a positive change socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and/or spiritually. Recovery Ways, a Murray Utah drug rehab, capitalizes on our natural setting with a robust outdoor experimental therapy program under the direction of our nationally certified and state licensed Recreational Therapists. When the patient makes it through therapy they may often times make new sober friends through these activities. These exercises and activities can help reduce depression, anxiety, stress, and cravings and will help keep patients busy and schedules full.

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Recovery Ways offers addiction treatment and drug rehab services to Murray, Salt Lake City and the entire state of Utah. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and/or mental health issues we can help. Our admissions coordinators are available around the clock to place you in the proper level of care, in an addiction treatment facility that best fits your needs. Please call 888.986.7848 or contact us here.