Age Specific Treatment Program

Age-Specific Treatment Programs at Recovery Ways

hand being placed on another's hands during age-specific treatment program UTSubstance abuse and mental illness does not discriminate — not by race, gender or socioeconomic status, and not by age. Men and women can find themselves struggling with these concerns at any stage of life, from early adolescence to late adulthood. Recovery Ways provides an age-specific treatment program in UT to address individuals.

Throughout a person’s lifespan a diagnosis might be the same regardless of age, the events and stressors that draw a person to substance abuse are often quite different based on where an individual is in their life. For example, a person in their early 20s may experience peer pressure or worry about their future, while someone approaching middle age might be dealing with burnout or marital infidelity. In turn, clients will need age-appropriate tools and skills to overcome their concerns and manage them in daily life.

In a treatment setting, it’s vital to be attuned to the types of external factors that could influence each client’s personal struggle with addiction or mental health. At Recovery Ways, age-specific programming is one of the approaches we use to address the individuality of each of our clients. With age-specific tracks, we ensure that each person leaves treatment via the path to recovery that makes the most sense for their stage of life, thus setting them up for long-term success.

Why Do Age-Specific Programs Matter?

The one-size-fits-all approach to addiction and mental health treatment is outdated. Recovery Ways has a deep understanding of the importance of individualized care — we know that our clients can best achieve long-lasting and sustainable recovery when we provide them with coping mechanisms and management techniques that match their needs and abilities. It just doesn’t make sense to use the same approaches for a man in his 40s who has turned to alcohol to cope with the pain of losing a parent, and for a young woman who started abusing stimulants to keep up with the demands of paying her own way through college. Recovery Ways addiction treatment programs in Utah are tailor to each client.

Additionally, clients with vastly different life experiences may struggle to relate to one another. Supportive group therapy and social interaction are vital components of a successful recovery program. We want our clients to form constructive relationships with one another and help each other as they embark on their journeys of recovery together. We want to foster empathy and encourage our clients to move away from the isolation of addiction and mental illness. This is best accomplished when clients are surrounded by others who they feel connected to, such as those of a similar age or stage of life in the age-specific program.

Recovery Ways addresses these pitfalls by offering age-specific programs. Our two tracks for young adults and adults are designed to address the disparate worries, struggles and limitations of each age group. We utilize different approaches in each program to optimally engage our clients in their treatment, helping them replace feelings of exclusion and isolation with understanding and support, no matter where they are in life.

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Young Adult Treatment

Young adult treatment at Recovery Ways focuses on:

  • Building life skills such as time and money management or social interaction
  • Addressing adulthood topics including responsibility and accountability
  • Repairing relationships with friends, siblings, partners or parents
  • Understanding and respecting boundaries
  • Offering employment guidance and practical job-seeking skills
  • Balancing traditional and experiential therapies for a fully engaged treatment experience

The goal of this program is to give young adults a better way forward. They have many years ahead of them, and they often enter our programs feeling as though they have already ruined their chances at success. They might be confused about where to go from here, or even struggle to occupy their time without drugs or alcohol involved. With compassion and expertise, our clinicians teach our young adult clients to recognize that they have the strength and ability to change their future on their own, equipping them with the skills they need to live a sober day-to-day life.

Adult Treatment

Adult treatment at Recovery Ways focuses on:

  • Repairing damaged personal and professional relationships
  • Restoring a sense of self-worth and purpose
  • Using a clinical approach to encourage introspection and self-examination
  • Providing a concrete set of actions to help get their life back on track
  • Honing long-term management and coping skills to prevent relapse
  • Exploring the underlying, root-cause, of each individual’s mental illness and addiction

The adult treatment track at Recovery Ways is geared toward individuals that may already possess some self awareness on the dangers of addiction and unmanaged mental health disorders. Our adult clients are entering treatment because they see the consequences of their actions first-hand, and they know it is time to mitigate and stop the damage. These clients often benefit most from understanding that it’s never too late to turn their lives around: we are here to show them that there is always a path to sobriety, and always a way to move forward and find fulfillment.

Addiction Treatment at Recovery Ways

Recovery Ways provides age-specific treatment programs in UT for men and women who are struggling with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, as well as for those who are dealing with mental health disorders alongside substance abuse. Our facilities are located in Murray, Utah, just outside of Salt Lake City; our up-to-date residential spaces and discreet outpatient locations are comfortable, convenient and offer all the amenities of home. We proudly provide age-specific programs as part of our mission to deliver treatment that meets each client’s unique needs; we have seen the benefits of individualized treatment first-hand, and we strive to expand and improve these benefits every day. To find out if our programs are right for you or your loved one, please contact our admissions team at 888.986.7848 or