a man and woman ride a motorcycle down a dusty road as they go through the process of self discovery

The Process of Self-Discovery

The recovery process is challenging one – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. One of the most important parts of the process is that of rediscovering ourselves. Our addictions and mental health issues can cause us to completely lose sight of who we are. We’ve isolated ourselves, distanced ourselves from loved ones, broken relationships. We’ve lost… Continue Reading The Process of Self-Discovery

a woman eats a salad after she remembers ways that a healthy diet supports addiction recovery

4 Ways a Healthy Diet Supports Addiction Recovery

A good recovery plan must be multifaceted and address all the important areas of your life. You have to address the psychological aspects of addiction as well as any co-occurring conditions that may influence your substance use. You have to repair your relationships and build a strong social support system. You need to find meaning… Continue Reading 4 Ways a Healthy Diet Supports Addiction Recovery