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Corporate Support Staff

Greg Kazarian

Greg Kazarian

– CEO –

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andrew sidoli

Andrew Sidoli

– Executive Clinical Director –

Andrew’s extensive 20-year background in a multitude of Chemical Dependency and Mental Health settings has shaped his firm belief in the human strength and resiliency and his passion for working with this population; he is committed to helping individuals and families achieve change and reach their potential.  His education includes a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New Mexico in Child Development and Family Studies, and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from New Mexico Highlands University. Life experiences afforded him the opportunity to live in a variety of different cultures, which accounts for his speaking four languages; he is passionate about skiing, fitness, the outdoors, nutrition, and spirituality.

As a Certified Addiction Counselor, and Clinical Social Worker, steeped in Psychodynamic and Attachment training, he compliments his therapeutic skills as an EMDR practitioner. He brings a holistic approach to his work with individuals at Recovery Ways and is passionate about Body and Mind integration: his Client-Centered approach and a wide diversity of skills complements our Clinical Mission and makes him an asset to our organization.  Prior to joining us, Andrew was actively engaged for years in several Recovery initiatives in New Mexico and served a variety of agencies committed to bringing change in their communities.

Cate Dyer Recovery Ways

Cate Dyer

– Director of Human Resources –

Cate Dyer graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. She has been working in the healthcare industry since 2010, and in Human Resources since 2011. She possesses a wide range of experience from benefits administration and compliance to business and growth strategy. She enjoys working with people and the generalist functions of HR. Cate also loves cooking, the outdoors, reading and gardening, but her favorite thing to do is spend time with her husband and little girls. She is looking forward to teaching her daughters to ski this winter.

Medical Team

Dr Duy Pham Recovery Ways

Dr. Duy Pham, MD

– Medical Team –

Dr. Pham, one of few Board Certified Addictionologist in the state of Utah, graduated with an MD eight years ago from the University of Utah School of Medicine. Early in his career, he met his wife, another plastic surgeon, while working in Viet Nam repairing traumatic deformities as a plastic surgeon. He went on to complete his adult psychiatry residency at Carnitas Carney Hospital, Dorchester MA and finished his fellowship training in the subspecialty of addiction psychiatry at Boston University, Boston MA. He is certified by the ABMS® Member Board: The American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology specializing in Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry. To better serve the complex patients he works with, he has gone on to get advanced training in ECT (electroconvulsive therapy), TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) and VNS (vegal nerve stimulation) – all for the adjunctive treatment of certain types of treatment-resistant depression.

Dr. Pham enjoys teaching and training psychiatric residents at the University of Utah and believes in helping them to see the importance of offering addicted patients choices and options for their recovery. Dr. Pham is very excited to add working in Residential Treatment Services to his vast array of experience.


Debbie Reid Recovery Ways

Debbie Reid

– Lead Ambassador –

Debbie graduated from the University of Utah with a Masters in Social Work, with an emphasis in substance use treatment. Debbie has worked for Recovery Ways since 2010 and held various positions within the company. Debbie is trained in Mind, Body, Bridging; Solutions Focused Therapy; and Motivational Interviewing. Debbie also is a Mobile Assessor, working to determine an appropriate level of care for individuals with a Substance Abuse Disorder. Through Debbie’s work in the addiction field, she recognizes the importance of the family system and works to heal family relationships to end the cycle of addiction within the family unit.

Amanda Walburger Recovery Ways

Amanda Walburger

– Ambassador –

Having experienced addiction and mental health challenges with family and friends, I know how beneficial Recovery Ways is to the patients we serve. I provide customer service to clients at UNI and other detox facilities, in hopes that they may feel more confident in their next chapter at Recovery Ways. I started with Recovery Ways in 2011 and immediately found a passion for helping others. I have a background in outreach and admissions and have been certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Recreation Therapy Staff

Emily Washburn Recovery Ways

Emily Washburn, TRS, CTRS

– Recreation Therapy Supervisor –

Emily Washburn, TRS, CTRS, graduated from Utah State University with a B.S. degree in Therapeutic Recreation. She has worked with people of all ages to help them rehabilitate and improve their lives physically and emotionally. She has experience working with the geriatric population, behavioral and psychiatric health, eating disorders, and most recently those with substance abuse/addiction. She enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, photography, art, and socializing with people.

Courtney Barnum Recovery Ways

Courtney Barnum

– Recreation Therapy Staff –

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Residential & PHP Staff

Jeremy Schultz Recovery Ways

Jeremy Schultz, CSW

– Residential & PHP Staff –

Jeremy has done internships at the House of Hope and the Provo Canyon Behavioral hospital. He uses mind-body bridging and motivational interviewing. Jeremy likes to work with people on assertive communication skills. He is a USMC veteran.

Nathan Haslam Recovery Ways

Nathan Haslam, ACMHC

– Residential & PHP Staff –

Nathan has been with Recovery Way since May 2015. Nathan is good at providing boundaries and structure to patients when it is necessary. He is also able to provide a place to process those boundary and behavioral issues while expecting accountability due to extensive work as RC staff with adolescent patients for over 6 years. He is organized and can be of benefit to those that are looking for a more directive style of therapy. Nathan is comfortable working with patients that want to process religious elements of therapy. He is good at using CBT to challenge thinking errors and teaching skills to challenge cognitive errors. Nathan is working to improve his skills in trauma and wants this to be the focus of his development going forward.

Nate VanDyke Recovery Ways

Nate Van Dyke, SUDC

– Residential & PHP Staff –

Nathan completed the Advanced Substance Use Disorder Counselor program at the University of Utah in 2014 and is currently licensed as a Substance Use Disorder Counselor. In 2013, he began his formal work as a professional in the field of addiction recovery, but he has been personally involved in the treatment of substance use disorders since 2001. He is an advocate for the recovery movement and a public speaker on the subject. As a person in long-term recovery from addiction, Nathan brings extensive knowledge and experience in the area of substance abuse, as well as a broad understanding of the many modalities utilized for lasting recovery. He is well versed in the scientific and spiritual implications of addiction, and passionate about helping those who suffer. Nathan is the former Program Director of an addiction treatment program and has been with Recovery Ways since 2015.

Nathan enjoys working with patients whose primary issue(s) are rooted in addiction (as opposed to any mental health issues). He enjoys working with challenging patients who have a history of chronic relapse and multiple treatment episodes (as he has extensive personal experience with both). He is well-versed in the 12-Step approach to recovery and works well with those who are seeking a spiritual solution. He also believes in the effectiveness of meditation and mindfulness practice, which he uses in his personal recovery. In addition, he enjoys exploring the physiological/brain damage symptoms of addiction with patients, using studies and evidence, in order to dispel myths about themselves and about addiction in general. His style is often to take a strengths-based approach in building self-efficacy through the use of Motivational Interviewing.

Anna Marasco Recovery Ways

Anna Marasco, LCSW

– Residential & PHP Staff –

Anna has been working in the treatment field for nearly 10 years. She is trained in Dialectical Behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, positive psychology / strengths perspectives, cognitive behavior therapy, and experiential therapy. Her undergraduate degree is in experiential education and her Master’s is in social work. Both degrees are from the University of Utah – she is a die-hard Ute. Anna is certified with the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association for equine therapy and has conducted equine therapy as well as developed equine therapy programs nationwide. She is also certified in the Horse Boy Method, which is an equine therapy technique for individuals with autism. She has a strong background working with people with disabilities, anxiety and depressive disorders, personality disorders, bipolar, in addition to addiction. In her spare time, Anna enjoys riding her horses, hiking, writing science fiction and fantasy novels, as well as traveling and daydreaming about traveling.

Intensive Outpatient & IOP-V Staff

Megan Sturdevant Recovery Ways

Megan Sturdevant

– IOP Clinical Coordinator –

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Chris Furness Recovery Ways

Chris Furness

– IOP/IOP-V Staff –

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Amanda Galloway Recovery Ways

Amanda Galloway, ACMHC

– IOP Therapist –

Amanda is a residential therapist at Recovery Ways. Amanda also worked as a therapist for Recovery Ways Intensive Outpatient Program. She received her graduate degree from the University of Phoenix in clinical mental health counseling and has her Bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Utah. Amanda has primarily worked with those suffering from mental illness and / or substance use. She has also worked in the fields of domestic violence and juvenile court. Amanda has a deep compassion for those struggling with both addiction and mental illness. She enjoys watching football, cooking and reading in her free time.

Occupational Therapy & Sensory Integration Staff

stormy hill

Stormy Hill

– OT/Sensory Integration Staff –

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Bonnie Eckman Recovery Ways

Bonnie Eckman

– OT/Sensory Integration Staff –

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Amy Gandre Recovery Ways

Amy Gandre

– OT/Sensory Integration Staff –

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John Nichols Recovery Ways

John Nichols

– Director of Operations –

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Francisco Gonzalez Recovery Ways

Francisco Gonzalez

– Kitchen Manager –

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Baltazar Recovery Ways

Baltazar Lozano

– Facilities Manager –

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