Orem Utah Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment

Orem, Utah resides 45 minutes south of the state’s capitol and immediately east of Utah Lake. While being one of the states most populated cities, it may lack choices and options when it’s citizens are in need of drug rehab or addiction treatment services.The disease of addiction can affect anyone, of any age, in any situation. This is why it’s important to seek help for yourself or a loved one if you are suffering addiction and or mental health issues. Luckily, those citizens looking for an Orem Utah drug rehab don’t have to look far. Just 45 minutes north of Orem in Salt Lake City is one of the state’s most effective and premier dual-diagnosis addiction treatment facilities. Recovery Ways offer’s a complete continuum of care offering residential treatment, PHP, intensive outpatient, sober living, and highly active and supportive alumni and family programs for increased chances of long-term sobriety. If you are looking for an Orem Utah drug rehab and need assistance immediately, please reach out. Our admissions team can review your insurance benefits and in some cases have you admitted in the same day. Please call 1-888-986-7848 or contact us here.

Addiction Programs at an Orem Utah Drug Rehab

When searching for an Orem Utah drug rehab you may look for facilities that offer unique approaches to treating addiction and mental health. Two such unique approaches are sensory integration and recreational therapy. Being a fully licensed and accredited addiction treatment facility, Recovery Ways offers both of these highly effective modalities.

Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration is a form of occupational therapy where a patient is taught to identify their feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, pain, and agitation and gives them a new way of coping with those feelings by presenting them with different forms of sensory input.

Recreation Therapy

Recreation Therapy uses outdoor activities, service projects, and other hobbies to facilitate open communication, build self-worth and trust, as well as offering the ability to leave addiction treatment with productive, sober hobbies.

Are you searching for an Orem Utah drug rehab?

Finding the best fit for dual-diagnosis addiction treatment in Orem, Utah can seem like a daunting task. Our admissions coordinators can review your insurance and help you find the next course of action. Call 888.986.7848.

Recovery Ways is located 45 minutes north of Orem, Utah and assists many local residents in finding the best options for addiction treatment and drug rehab. Recovery Ways offers an array of treatment modalities and all levels of care to make the treatment experience unique as well as effective. The continuum of care at Recovery Ways starts with medically supervised detox and runs through residential, PHP, sober living and more. Everyone is not the same and addiction affects every person differently. This is why an effective Orem Utah drug rehab should provide a unique treatment experience, beginning with drug detox.

The Drug Detox Process

Detox is where a successful drug rehab program begins. The drug detox system utilized by Recovery Ways is housed in a facility that is medically managed and has 24 hour nursing care. When our patients enter residential treatment or any of our other levels of care, detox must be completed and they be drug free. The detox program also allows Recovery Way’s patients the ability to withdrawal comfortably and in the presence of medical professionals. If the need for medical attention should present itself, the detox center is located next to one of the top medical hospitals in the country. An effective Orem Utah drug rehab program should provide medically assisted or supervised detox.

Residential Treatment

Residential addiction treatment allows patients looking for an Orem Utah drug rehab the chance to completely focus on getting well and sober. However, it’s not just about getting away from the stressors of life and ONLY stopping the alcohol or drug consumption. It is about learning to take control and responsibility for their life, opening themselves to others, and learning skills to live a productive and sober life. The residential treatment process at Recovery Ways focuses on the whole person, not just the physical addiction. Each patient and their recovery is supported by caring and highly-qualified staff members. They will gain more than they ever thought was possible as they undergo a healing process that affects the mind, body, and spirit. While they are at Recovery Ways they will learn more about themselves, their addiction and how to overcome it, new activities to do outside of rehab, new life skills, and how to take care of their mind, body, and spirit.

Family Participation in Drug Rehab

Family members will learn about their loved one’s addiction and its effects, as well as receive an overview of the recovery process and treatment resources. The treatment plan will be custom designed and implemented upon admission. They will learn how they can help their loved ones, themselves, and the family as a whole. They will also learn about relapse warning signs and prevention. Recovery Ways works with the patient, the patient’s family, and other support groups as a team to make sure when the patient completes treatment they are surrounded by supportive, strong, loving, and caring people. We want to give the patient every tool to maintain their new sober life.