12 Step Program

The 12 step program for drug and alcohol addiction recovery has been around for many years. As a result, their success in working with drug and alcohol addiction is well known across the country. The tenets of the 12 step program were first published in a book in 1939. Consequently, since that time, it is been used by millions of members nationwide.

Many groups have sprung up as an offshoot of the original group by using some or all of its teachings. Maybe you have heard of the 12 step program but are unfamiliar with what they teach. Let us take a closer look at how this program operates.

What is the 12 Step Program?

As you probably figured out, the 12 step program involves 12 steps. The program teaches that these steps are ones that will lead you to a sober lifestyle. The original 12 steps as published by Alcoholics Anonymous are summarized as followed:

  • Admit you are powerless over whatever substance with which you are struggling, thereby letting go of control
  • Believe in a Higher Power to help you conquer the addiction
  • Use your willpower to choose to rely on a Higher Power for help with addiction
  • Take an honest assessment of yourself, which opens the door to self-discovery
  • Admit and confess the nature of your situation to a Higher Power, yourself, and one other person
  • Take action to change any defects you see in your human nature

Originally, the 12 step program was for people addicted to alcohol. However, over the years many other addiction groups adopted the principals of this program. Therefore, it now reaches millions of people across the country. Many 12 step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can be found across the globe. Other 12 step programs like Narcotics Anonymous have seen a similar global reach.

What To Look For In A 12 Step Program

a group therapy session at a 12 step program

When searching for a 12 step program, you may wonder what type of place is best to meet your addiction needs. Consequently, you need to have some criteria before making the move. It is critical to be in a place that offers medication-assisted detox as well as therapies for growth and learning. Attending a 12 step program is just one component of a well-rounded rehab plan on your journey to a brighter future. When searching for a place that offers a comprehensive program, you want one that provides the following benefits:

  • Has a strong system of encouragement and support for members
  • Is reputable and successful
  • Incorporates a relapse prevention component into the program
  • Uses the main tenets of the program
  • Offers other therapies to complement the program

In addition to these benefits, you should ensure they have licensed and board-certified doctors and therapists who offer professionalism and compassion. Finding a place that offers solid post-treatment support will also help you with relapse prevention goals.

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