West Valley City Drug Rehab

West Valley City, Utah is a suburb of Salt Lake City just a few minutes south-west from the state’s capitol. With a population of 130,000 it’s the second largest city in Utah. With a population that size, it’s inevitable that some citizens are suffering from substance abuse, addiction and or mental-health issues. These issues, including drug and alcohol addiction, can affect anyone at anytime regardless of sex, race, social or economic class. If you are a citizen of West Valley City, Utah and in need of a drug rehab, Recovery Ways can help. Our four facilities are located minutes away in Murray, Utah. Finding an effective West Valley City drug rehab begins with asking for help. Never be afraid to seek help for yourself or a loved one.

If you need help immediately, please call 1-888-986-7848 or contact us here. We can review your insurance and in some cases provide same-day treatment.

Need help finding a West Valley City drug rehab?

Recovery Ways, located in Murray, Utah, is located just minutes from West Valley City. Their admissions team can help review your insurance, assess your unique situation and find the best addiction treatment options available. Call 888.986.7848.

What makes an effective West Valley City drug rehab?

Finding the right fit for a West Valley City drug rehab can feel like a very difficult undertaking. There are many factors that determine if a drug rehab or addiction treatment facility are effective, ethical and caring. Some of these factors can include the education level of staff, clinical offerings, support after treatment, accommodations, and if they offer a complete continuum of care in a dual-diagnosis setting where addiction and mental health issues are treated simultaneously. During your search for a proper drug rehab in or near West Valley City, it’s imperative that you not be afraid to ask any questions regarding the treatment for yourself or your loved one. Bring up any issues that are important to you and do your due diligence and research. You are placing your life and future in the hands of others and need to feel comfortable with the decision.

Educated and Licensed Addiction Treatment Staff

One of the most telling signs of an effective and supportive West Valley City drug rehab is a facility’s staff. Successful substance abuse treatment centers should have a highly educated and licensed staff with proper state and national credentials. It’s also important to note the number of masters-level therapists and doctors are on staff. Recovery Ways’ team of physicians, addictionologist, psychiatrists, Ph.D. and Master’s level licensed professionals is committed to providing the most innovative and effective treatment available. In fact, three out of the six state licensed addictionologists in Utah are employed by Recovery Ways.

Utah State & Industry Accreditation

Along with the accreditation and licensure of staff, it’s also important to find out if the West Valley City drug rehab in question in properly licensed by the state to treat addiction and mental health issues, as well as being accredited by industry leading organizations. All of the Recovery Ways facilities are licensed by the Utah state to treat addiction and mental health. We are also accredited by the Joint Commission, receiving their gold seal of approval which signifies our quality and performance in providing addiction care and treatment in a safe and ethical manner. Click here to learn more about our accreditation and ethical standards for treating addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Continuum of Care

One way to find an effective West Valley City drug rehab is to determine if the center provides a true and complete continuum of care. A continuum of care is designed to make sure that addiction can be treated at any level and to make the clinical offerings unique and appropriate for each patient. Recovery Ways offers care from medically assisted detox through residential inpatient and extensive aftercare. It’s also imperative that the drug rehab treat co-occurring disorders with dual-diagnosis treatment. This is in regards to treating not only the addiction, but also any associated mental health issues. Below are the levels of care that we offer:

Medical Drug Detox

Recovery Ways has a collaborative relationship with a nationally known inpatient drug detox facility, the University Neuropsychiatric Institute at the University of Utah. They provide inpatient detoxification for safe withdrawal and will initiate the beginning of the recovery cycle.


Our residential program is highly structured, offering a minimum of 8 hours of daily programming. Developing insight and understanding into the disease of addiction, the psychological triggers, and the recovery process provide the foundation for our residential treatment program.

PHP – Partial Day

PHP offers the most structure and care in the outpatient setting. We provide substance abuse and mental health services in the context of our treatment environment. Patients are able to attend treatment during the day and then return home in the evenings to practice the skills they are learning.

IOP – Intensive Outpatient

Recovery Way’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides treatment which will empower patients to function more independently and responsibly while preparing them for the community with the skills and abilities to lead successful lives.

PHP – Partial Day

PHP offers the most structure and care in the outpatient setting. We provide substance abuse and mental health services in the context of our treatment environment. Patients are able to attend treatment during the day and then return home in the evenings to practice the skills they are learning.

Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment Programs

Because addiction treatment isn’t one size fits all, the West Valley City drug rehab that you’re researching should offer multiple approaches and type of addiction treatment programs. Recovery Ways offers an array of treatment options and modalities. We offer trauma informed care, neurofeedback, brain-painting, and occupational therapy. We also offer two very different types of experiential treatment; sensory integration and recreation therapy. Our sensory integration therapy offers a one of a kind, patient-centered therapy, that helps patients identify their feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, pain, and agitation and gives them a new way of coping with those feelings. Therapeutic Recreation is a process where a nationally certified and state licensed Recreation Therapist uses recreation activities of all kinds to bring about a positive change socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and/or spiritually.

Support After Drug Rehab

Recovery Way’s Aftercare Programs are for patients who have successfully completed a recent addiction treatment program. Many new recovering addicts find that once they are on their own they feel lonely and bored. Often times this can serve as a relapse trigger for people new to recovery. Through our recreational therapy, Alumni Program continued support from our staff and your family, we have given you connections to new sober people and activities to help you maintain your healthy sobriety. The mission of Recovery Ways Alumni Program is to provide lifetime support and services, creating a bridge to lifelong recovery for individuals and families suffering from the devastating disease of addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in a West Valley City Drug Rehab

Dual Diagnosis treatment is how both addiction and mental health are treated in the same setting. If someone is suffering from a co-occurring disorder, where both issues are present, they should be treated for both. Effective West Valley drug rehabs should be offering dual-diagnosis treatment. Treating both in the same setting is highly successful and more beneficial to long-term recovery and sobriety. Recovery Ways is an accredited dual-diagnosis facility, able to take difficult cases where mental health issues may be primary.

Drug Rehab Accommodations & Housing

Addiction treatment and rehab is very stressful. The treatment process alone and th healing that takes place during substance abuse therapy can be taxing. This is why living conditions must be comfortable and conducive to healing and recovery. A proper West Valley City drug rehab should provide comfortable housing and nutritional meals. Recovery Ways was designed and constructed with co-occurring addiction treatment in mind, and built specifically to make physical, emotional and spiritual healing a priority.